Kiara and Alex have always been the best of friends. Well there more then friends there cousins. Right after they finished collage they decided to move to London from there hometown of Detroit, Michigan. When they move to London they meet many new people inducing the boys of One Direction and fall in love when who they love is going away and trying to pull them apart.


4. Boy Trouble?


When I woke up in the morning, I was so disappointed. I was having the greatest dream about how our job clients were the boys of One Direction and how we met them and we had so much fun and hung out and then how Alex got hair spray in Zayn's eye because she was mad at how he was so picky in the temperature in the the stuff. I smiled as I recalled it, but put it out of my mind as I went to make breakfast. When I got to the kitchen, I found that Alex was already up, making waffles.  "I had such a good dream last night," she said when I came in. "I bet mine topped yours," I said with a yawn as I rubbed the sleep out of my eyes. "Mmm... I don't think so. Mine was that our clients were 1D and that we met them at the mall and I did an awesome joke that fooled everyone to get out of our way to get to them. Then we all went shopping at Forever 21 and then we styled them and I got hair spray in Zayn's eye. And I went to apologize and we were bros again. And there's more details, but it would make you jealous, so I won't," she said.  I stared  at her, open mouthed. "Beat you didn't I," was what she said when I saw. "No," I said quietly. "I had the exact same dream." "You don't think..." Alex said. "I'll go check!" I ran back to my room to get my phone. When I looked, sure enough I had the contacts of Harry Styles, Louis Tomlinson, Zayn Malik, Niall Horan, and Liam Payne. "Oh my god Alex!" I screamed, "it actually did happen! I have their numbers!" We danced around the kitchen singing Live While We're Young and making breakfast. It tasted especially good knowing that One Direction knew us, maybe even liked us (as friends, of course) and that we would be seeing them again in two days (that day was Friday)! For now, though, we should try to meet our neighbors. In all the excitement of moving to London, getting a job, and WORKING FOR ONE DIRECTION, we didn't really have time to meet anyone else. So out we went. As we were walking down the street, I was admiring the accents. American accents are so boring, and I've always loved British ones, so this was perfect.  "Where are we going?" I asked Alex.  "I have absolutely no idea." That was all I got. "Well, can we ask for directions to somewhere?" "Where do you want to go?" "SHOPPING!!!!!!!" "Great. Lets ask some guys where a good store is," Alex said with a wink. "I think it's time we get some boyfriends." So we walked for about 10 minutes and then decided to ask two boys, one blonde, one brunet. One with blue eyes, one with brown. Perfect. "Go talk to them," Alex hissed at me. "Why me? This was your idea in the first place."  "You're more social." We both knew this wasn't true, but I figured I would get nowhere with her, so I went. "Umm... excuse me?" I said to them. "Can you help us?" I motioned to Alex and then at me. "We want to find a good shopping place, but we're from-" "America. I can tell by the accent," the blonde one said. "My name is Daniel." He extended an arm to shake my hand. "And I'm Teddy," the Brunet said.  "So, guys, you wanna go shopping?" Daniel confirmed. "Come on, we'll take you anywhere you'd like!"  And with that, he grabbed Alex's arm and started to jog. Someone's got a crush! I thought as Alex blushed. I looked at Teddy and smiled. Then again, I might, too. Over the corse of the day, Daniel, Teddy, Alex and I all became really close friends. The two boys were super nice and showed us around everywhere. They knew all the best shops, and what was sold there. Just by looking at us, they could tell what kinds of things Alex and I loved, hated, and thought was okay. We all figured out that we live really close to each other, only about a block away. They were our age and loved almost all the things we loved. Except sexy pink unicorns, but I think Niall would be the only boy to like that. But anyway, we had a blast. I loved their accents and their personalities.  And I think I was in love with Teddy. And Alex with Daniel. And vice versa. So all in all, it was a pretty good day. When I went to sleep, I felt content. I didn't dream at all. The next day, all Alex could talk about was Daniel, Daniel, Daniel. She expected him to text or call her and she was really looking forward to getting together. I was happy for her, but those guys had a life elsewhere.  But I was wanting them to call just as much as she did. So we were even. At about 11, they did call. Alex answered the phone, so I could only hear her half, but it went a little like this: "Hello?… yes… oh, hi!… yes, this is Alex… yes, and you?… yes, I think so. Let me ask Kiara." She put the phone to her chest. "Do we have any plans for today? Because if we do, they just got canceled! Daniel and Teddy just asked us to coffee at the café down the street." I didn't get a word in. She put the phone back up to her ear. "Yes, it's okay… what time?… 12:30 will be enough time… okay, see you then!… bye!" She hung up. "We have a date at the coffee shop with the cutest boys in town," Alex said to me, her eyes bright. "We have to look our bestest." "It's just coffee, Alex. It's not a romantic dinner," I told her. "You can wear what you want, but I'm just going casual." It was pretty hot out, so "casual" meant comfy short-shorts and my favorite spaghetti strap top and a little mascara and eyeshadow. I usually don't wear makeup, but it wasn't much, so it didn't look too different. Alex wore the same brand of shorts as I and another tank top. We looked pretty good, and we were ready for a day out with Teddy and Daniel.  We were on time for probably the second time in our whole lives. They were already there waiting for us.  "Hey," I smiled.  "Hey," Teddy said. "Do you guys want to sit down? We have a table over there." He pointed to a cozy little four-seater in a back corner.  "'Kay," I replied. "Alex, you and Blondie can go get me a caffeinated coffee and cake," and I shoo them away.  "Yeah, we should give those two their privacy," Alex said to Daniel and he laughed.  "I was just thinking the same for you, Dani. You seem to li-" Teddy was cut off when Daniel hissed at him.  "We'll go get the coffee," he said, and he pulled Alex up to the front.  "Kids and their young love," I laughed and we sat down.  A few minutes later, the food and drink was brought. "Thank you, peasants. You may leave now," I joked.  "I have a feeling you just want some alone time with Teddy Bear over here," Alex smirked.  "Maybe I do, maybe I don't," I retorted. "And it seemed this morning, you were overly excited about this. Could it be because of a certain guy?" I wiggled my eyebrows at Daniel. Alex blushed and sat down.  After a few minutes of eating, I was done with my coffee.  "I'm going to get another one," I said. I went up the the counter. "I'll have a caffeinated carmel latte, please, uh," I read his name tag, "Ben." "Coming right up," he said.  For some reason, he looked familiar, but I pushed that thought away.  After I got my drink, I went back to the table where Alex looked like she was being tortured. I rolled my eyes and walked up.  "Kiara! Thank god. These boys started throwing straws," Alex said, and I could see she wasn't lying. There were straws everywhere. Luckily, we were by ourselves so no one else got hit.  "Boys," I muttered, and started picking up the mess. "What a waste of straws," I said louder.  "Kiara, you sound like Liam," Alex snickered.  "You say that like its a bad thing," I complained.  About a half an hour later, we were done, and I'd had around 5 coffees. What can I say, I was thirsty.  "Holy shit, Kiara, your pupils are huge," Alex said. "How many coffees did you have?"  "Uh… I don't know." I was bouncing on the heels. I needed to go outside. 
"Can we... uh... go outside?"
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