Taylor was a 17 year old girl, her dad was friends with Niall Horan's parents. She really didn't know that her dad was friends with a BIG pop star.


2. Meeting Niall Horan

Taylor's POV~

Was I really meeting Niall Horan from One Direction I must be dreaming. I pinched myself to make sure that I wasn't dreaming. I got out of the car and waited for my dad to get out and introduce me to Niall and his family. My dad finally came around and stood there for a moment, I tapped his and whispered into his ear," Are you going to introduce me to them or not?!" After a minute or so Niall spoke up.

" Hello I'm Niall, and who may you be?"  He said in a hot Irish accent 

" I'm I'm Taylor." I said kinda nervous

" Nice to meet you." Niall said while taking my hand. We walked into his house. It was beautiful no was amazing, it was nothing what I expedited it to be. We walked to his room which was on the top floor.We got there he opened the door and WOW.

" Niall you're room it's amazing, I never thought that a 18 year olds  bedroom could be this um." I tried to spit out

" Could be this creative." Niall answered for me.

We talked for hours and hours, he finally said  " Taylor can I see you're phone?" I gave him my phone and he put his phone number into my phone I had no idea what he was doing. He gave me my phone back and I saw what he put in it as his name - Niall Horan <3



Niall's POV~

Was I falling in love with a girl I just met like 4 hours ago." Taylor, Niall  you guys hungry?"My mom hollered up to us.

" Yes mom we are, NANDOS would be good please!" I shouted back

We talked some more then nandos came.

" It's here." My dad hollered. Me and Taylor ran downstairs and ate.

"Thank you Mrs and Mr. Horan for having me over today,I enjoyed myself." Taylor said clearing her plate. 6:00pm came around Taylor  and her dad headed out and as soon and she left I texted her.


Niall Horan <3- "HEY"

Taylor-"Hi, thanks for a fun day we should do it again :)"

Niall Horan <3-" Yeah, anytime"

Taylor- " HA, okay well I'll let you go Nialler, talk to you later. :)"




Oh how I wish I would of asked her out, I guess I'll do it tomorrow maybe she can meet the rest of the boys.



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