Taylor was a 17 year old girl, her dad was friends with Niall Horan's parents. She really didn't know that her dad was friends with a BIG pop star.


1. The Big News!

Taylors POV~

"Taylor, time to get up you've got a big big day." Taylor's father Thomas yelled from the bottom of the stairs. 

"On my way just let me shower, I'll be down soon." Taylor replied as she when to the bathroom and started the shower. She hopped in and was in there for 10 minutes. After the nice hot shower Taylor wrapped herself in a towel and went back to her room. She closed her bedroom door and walked to her closet and she opened it. She let the towel fall, leaving her naked,she found was she was looking for, her light pink skinny jeans ,baby blue  tank top and gray hoodie. She put her long light brown hair in a messy bun applied a little amount of make-up and headed downstairs.

"Wow you look a lot like you mother." Thomas said in shock. My mother died when I was about 14 she had lung cancer . "Thanks dad." I said putting on my black Toms

"So where whats the big day you speak of?" I questioned

" Can't say you'll have to wait." Oh how I hated when he told me I had to wait. We get into the car and drive about 45 minutes until we finally we got there.

"Wow, can you PLEASE tell me now what the big day is!!!!!?" I begged

"Okay well I'm friends with Niall Horan's parents." my dad said. My heart stopped for a moment.

" Wait you mean Niall Horan from ONE DIRECTION!!!!!!!!!!!" I say screaming

( sorry it's short I'm new, let me know what you think, kik me @irishbritish5) 


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