Bitter Love

Have you ever crossed paths with a murderer?

I have.

And I foolishly fell in love.


6. The Monster



Could I really trust Nate? For all I know, he was a superior being that was a murderer. Once a man feels that insane need to kill, it never leaves them right? And if it ever could, it'd take years, maybe decades to contain that need. That want for blood. Not a matter of seconds. I was scared. Beyond belief. What do I do? 

I continued to stare at the ceiling, something I'd been doing for at least an hour now, pretending to be asleep. I could hear Nate clattering around in the kitchen through my broken door and cringed continuously at the noises and the cussing he tried to do 'silently'. I finally allowed my self to sit up in bed and began the tired act. Rubbing my eyes to look a little sore. I mean, would you be able to sleep with a suspected murderer walking around your home? I crept from behind the shattered wood that had once been a fully functioning door, and felt the harsh flashback of a blood thirsty Nate, eyes wide, knife in hand, entering my room. To kill me. 


Was that still his goal?


I took a deep breath and summed up what courage I could muster and tip toed into the kitchen. Red stuff was splattered all over the floor and the work tops and my heart froze. My body went cold as Nate turned around, a red kitchen knife in his hand and an apron sort of tied around his waist. I felt myself stumble back, the shock clear on my face. 

"Oh, this doesn't look too good." Nate inspected the knife and licked it. My eyes bulged, oh God, please don't say.. "Ketchup!" I felt body wavering. "Oh. That doesn't help does it?" Nate cringed and dropped the knife on the surface, holding his hands up in surrender as he edged a little closer towards me. "I swear." He said, his bright blue eyes burning into me. They were light right now, the only brightness in the dark of the early dawn. I simply felt my muscles tense and freeze me to the spot. 

"I knew it." I whispered more to myself than to Nate. His dark hair fell into his eyes and he flicked his head to remove it. Not letting his hands move from their position. I was suddenly engulfed in the arms of the man who supposedly... 'Liked' me. I fell into his sturdy hold and slumped against him. He pulled away and held me on my feet barely by his arms. 

"Look!" He held out the back of his hand, a mischievous smile on his face. As I blinked away my fear, I saw a flashback of the day I'd gotten too close to this man. The bin bags, the stance...The 'ketchup'. I scrunched my eyes up before licking at the red saucy like liquid on the back of his hand. I felt my whole body relax when the sour taste of pure ketchup passed my lips. Thank God. 

Nate bit his lip as he saw me relax. "You really didn't believe me." He slung his hands in his pockets, a bored frown on his perfect face, dimming his perfect features. He rubbed his jaw and turned leaving his back to me. I sighed, loud enough for him to hear. 

"How could I? You tried to kill me." 




"How could I? You tried to kill me." She said to my back. It gave me a chance to hide the sinister smile that automatically spread over my face. I rubbed at my jaw again and turned to her, playing my sorrow. It was so easy. I preferred this, being an actor should have been my job. My kept my face sober though a smile was itching to break through. I cupped the pouting face of the girl before me. Yes. She was beautiful, and she did intrigue me so. She was different. I rubbed the slim cold of my fingers along her neck, I felt her body stiffen a little and knew I'd managed to get her, if not scared, then interested. Girls were so easy to play. I kissed the base of her neck where my fingers had been. She didn't move, so I trailed kisses up her neck, listening to the rapid thump of her heart. When my lips reached her jaw line, she finally moved, but to my surprise, she moved away. 

"Stop. Please Mr Murderer." She sounded like a child, a true smile escaped my lips. Weakly I looked at her, my hair falling over my eyes again. The left twitched. No. Not now. 

"Lexi. Go into the other room." I said coldly. She stepped away at the harshness of my voice. "Please." I said through gritted teeth. I crouched down to the floor and wrapped my arms around my body. I felt the aching pain spike through my legs as they resisted my position. Focus on the pain. I grumbled, my lip beginning to twitch. I felt a muffled laugh in the back of my throat. Elexis just kept stepping away, I watched he feet move, my eyes wide and manic. I wasn't going to be me for much longer. She ran, that's when I snapped. 


(???'s P.O.V)


The timid girl ran for the room, a devilish smile spread across my face. I leapt for the closing door, and missed my chance. I growled. Slamming on the already battered door. I thrust my arm through the broken area where I vaguely remembered breaking something here. I franticly felt around the sharp shards of wood, feeling for a way in, or even better the warm body on the other side. She screamed at the sight of my persisting, I pulled out my hand as something smashed over it. I laughed, the mad notes of my insanity ringing through the building. Something pierced through my crazed need, the sobs of a broken victim. I gripped at my head and twitched further. 

"NO!" I screamed and caught the knife on the top, rushing out of the building, my body sauntering weakly. I was starving, I was dying, I needed another. 







I cowered in behind the door, my shoulder stiff from barricading it. My legs losing circulation, my hands still held the lamp shakily. I'd heard him left. He had been different... He had been acting strangely, before he'd jumped for me. Luckily I'd made it. Only because he warned you... I steadied myself, trying to calm the breathing. He had warned me, before he had started shaking and twitching, before he had started... Being something else. Was it really like that or was he truly a monster? I heard the haul of a someone returning. I felt sweat mop my brow as fear rips through my fragile body. I clamped my hands around the lamp. What good it'll do I don't know but I'll try. I dared to peer through the shattered wood to see the slumped figure of Nate dragging something in. He stopped and stood up straight, kicking something out of my sight. 

"I can't help it." He said, in reality he said it to the darkness, or maybe himself. But I honestly felt the words pierce through me. 



"I have to kill." 



((A/N: SORRY IT'S SHORT! YOU CAN KILL ME LATER >.< Gah aways so busy... Plus I'm becomming addicted to Bleach.. Damn you anime. Damn you. Anyways, going to try and update my stories seen as my initial exams are now over:3 Thanks Guys! <3 BeyondLawliet ))

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