Bitter Love

Have you ever crossed paths with a murderer?

I have.

And I foolishly fell in love.


5. Thank You

I locked everything. From the windows to the bathroom doors. Then I sat. Huddled in a ball. I found myself to open, and chucked some of the contents of my oak wardrobe under the bed. Stuffing the clothes there, not caring about creases. I then scuttled into the long dresses and hoodies, amongst various other things, and sat there. Hiding within the drapes of clothing. A tried to control my breathing, as it tore at my throat. Mel, Jake... They were both dead. And it was all my fault. How stupid of me. I should never have tried to stay there. If I had only allowed Nate to kill me, then no one else would have had to die. Only one fatality would have been needed. I rested my head on my knees, and cried. Silently. Tears dripping down my face, dampening my jeans. 


Oh no. I heard the door handle being rattled. 

"Honestly." I heard Nate's silky voice. I closed my eyes and prayed. Not for my survival, my death was imminent and I was praying that God, if he was real or not, that someone, would watch over my family. 


I stifled a scream as Nate snapped the handle and entered the flat. I steadied my shaking body and peered through the thin gap in the wardrobe. The bedroom door handle then rattled. I heard my breathing cut as he snapped that handle off. The door slowly swung open. It swung towards the wardrobe, so a screen of door hid Nate as he entered. My breathing still paused, I watched him enter the room and shut the door behind him, though it did nothing. He picked up the shards of wood and handle and jammed the door with it. 

"Where are you...?" Nate taunted his voice hauntingly homey. He hid a knife behind his back in his right hand. So he was right handed. Use this Elexis. I heard my breath return and I tried to breath as quietly as possible. 

"I will find you... Don't worry. I'm not going to hurt you."He sniggered. Idiot. I'm not stupid, well... Not entirely. 

"There you are..." I heard his chuckle closer to the wardrobe and I tried to cover myself in the clothes and damned myself for taking too many from the wardrobe. The doors swung open and I was blinded by the sudden light. No... 

"Get off of me!" I cried as he snatched my arm and roughy ripped me from the wardrobe to my feet. I tugged and wormed, though I couldn't get rid of his grip. I slapped him with my free hand and ran to the door. "Shit." I mumbled as I ragged at the jammed wood. I put my whole body behind my tugs but it still didn't dislodge from the door. An arm snaked around my waist and pulled me from my exit, only to show me another one. Nate's arms were strong, and I was put in a position I never thought I'd be in. I was clinging mercifully to his body as he hung me out the window. God knows how many stories from the group. I screamed as my phobia of heights kicked in. 

"Nate! Nate! Please! Not this way!" I screamed over the traffic and oblivious public. I began crying and my body shook violently. Please... Please Mr Murderer. 

Nate grunted as he flung me back into the room. He flung me automatically to the floor and I adjusted my shaking body. I then found myself doing something else imposturous.

"Thank you." I sobbed. Though the words came out strong, audible. Nate turned to me the knife still bared in his right hand, but his face full of confusion. He tilted his head and his beanie that I hadn't noticed him wearing fell from his hair. His dark beautiful hair. At least the last thing I'll see will be perfect. I came to my feet shakily and bent down to pick the hat up slowly before returning to his height. The blinds were whistling in the wind of the open window and my hair fluttered around my face. Nate's confusion left his face and he pinned me to the wall, knife at my throat. 

"T-thank y-you?" He stuttered still confused. I nodded and closed my eyes awaiting death's cold embrace. 

"Thank you Nate. I'm ready to die now." I whispered as I felt the cold metal of the knife against my bare neck. With my eyes still closed I awkwardly pulled the beanie onto his hair. I was in the darkness for so long that I thought I was dead.I opened my eyes and expected some sort of Godly figure before me, well, I still got that, only it was the devil in human form. Nate had the knife flung over the over side of the room and was sat, cross legged on the floor staring at it. His eyes wide, breathing calm. I watched his torso jitter slowly as he inhaled. 

"W-wha...Why?" I asked in a hushed tone. His eyes never left the knife. 

"I don't know." He clutched his right hand, the one that had been holding the knife. He stared at it as if it was bleeding. "I want to kill you." He said blatantly and his big dark eyes looked over at me and my heart stopped in my chest. "I need to kill you." His face softened and he hung his head. 

"But I can't." 

I crept a little closer to the beautiful teenager who had but mere minutes ago been trying to kill me. I never took my eyes off of him as I feared he'd suddenly pounce and kill me. A well, I was ready now. 

"Why though?" I pressed calmly as I took a seat on the floor next to him. He wasn't scary when he was like this. He looked over at me through his hair. I bit my lip as I was reminded of his beauty once again. 

"Your different. Your not like the rest. I..." He looked up this time, his hair falling perfectly to the side allowing his piercing blue eyes to burn through me. " I like you." He said. It was then that he leaned into me and pulled my shocked body to his, kissing me like he had before, the perfect kiss, fulfils everything, yet leaves you craving more. His lips dancing over mine and luring me into his arms. I gingerly allowed my arms to wrap around his neck and pull myself to him. He deepened our kiss and parted my lips, causing me to moan sightly. He was killing me slowly. I sat on top of his lap and his face angled upwards, following my lips. His arms slipped around my back, into the curve of which and his other hand traced my thigh. I pulled away and nearly fell from his embrace. I couldn't. He was a murderer. He was going to kill me.

"Stop it!"I whimpered. His brows furrowed as he looked at the empty space where I had been, he was being slower than usual. I wiped at an escaping tear, causing my body to wobble without the added support of both arms. "Stop teasing me! Just kill me already. Just kill me Nate." I sobbed, my tears returning, though I had no idea how I had any left. He crawled towards me across the floor, but I didn't look at him. "Please." I hung my head. 

"You want me to kill you?" His velvety voice was soft and caring. Why is he doing this? I watched with wide eyes as his hand cupped my face. "I already told you..." His voice capable of killing me itself. "I can't." I let my heavy head hit his chest. I let out a weak laugh. 

"Y'know, your a really shitty murderer." He chuckled, though it was filled with pain. 

"I didn't want to kill people Elexis."He pulled me into his arms and my last few tears dampened his shirt. "I had to the first time... And then... Its like a lie. Once you start, you can't stop. You have to cover up your tracks... Rid yourself of... Witnesses." He hung his head again and rested it against mine. 

"I know all about you Elexis." He whispered with a deadly grin. 



Once a murderer... 






Always a murderer.

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