Bitter Love

Have you ever crossed paths with a murderer?

I have.

And I foolishly fell in love.


3. Mel's Place.


I ran as fast as my legs would allow me, aware that Nate may appear in front of me at any moment, a knife, a bat, anything in his hands that he could wield to kill me. 

"Help me Lord." I whispered as I kept on running, not daring to look behind me. A brainwave hit me and I headed towards the campus, I needed someone. 



I found Mel sitting on a table in biology, she always did arrive early. I pushed my way into the class room and glanced behind me, finding nothing but busy students. Letting a relieved sigh escape my lips, I slipped into the seat next to Mel.

"Lexi?" Why the hell was she using the nickname Nate was taunting me with? I glared back at her. "Oh yeah, that hottie Nate used it earlier when you fainted, I thought it was cute! It's catching on too!" She beamed at me, totally unaware. 

"M-Mm-el?" I stuttered. My hands shaking horribly hard on the table. 

"Lexi are you okay?" She looked over at me worriedly. "Please don't faint again!" She whined. A smiled splitting through her thin lips. 

"Mel, we need to talk." I stated, using the remainder of my strength. Mel's smile fell and she went serious. 

"What's going on Lexi?" I scrunched my eyes up.

"Please stop it!" I yelped. 

"Stop what?"

"Calling me that!" I grabbed her shoulders. "Mel." I looked her in the eyes, she seemed a little shocked at my movements. 

"Y-yes?" She said awkwardly.

"Nate's a murderer." I took a deep breath. "He's out to get me, Mel! I'm going to die!" I began shouting, trying to get it through to her as she relaxed and began smiling. She didn't believe me. 

"Very funny Elexis." She waved me off. 

"Mel! Listen to me!" I rested my head on the table not being able to cope. Where would I go? Where would I sleep? "Mel, can I stay with you?" I looked over, my eyes a little teary. 

"But, me and Jake are..." I shook my head and returned to the cold surface of the table. 

"I-iit's o-okay-y." I managed to sob out. Then I shall return to the flat... Return to my death. She sighed.

"But, I guess you can sleep in the guest room." She smiled at me. I threw my arms around her as my murderer walked in. 




She flung her arms around Melanie. I simply took this as an outright invitation. Little Lexi was running from me... Oh how I love the chase! Staying at Mel's, Lexi honey, you just gave me yet more information. Melanie was staying with her boyfriend Jake Conway. Maybe I could play the romance a little. I smirked at the floor, my plans altering and changing as I moved. I sat on the desk besides Mel and Elexis. Elexis seemed to be shaking. How fun. 

"Feeling better Lexi?" I said smoothly, smiling over at the trembling girl. This one did captivate me. She was different, not the stereotypical screaming blonde bitch that would be far too easy to kill. 

"N-no-o." She stuttered, not looking me in the eyes. She looked down at my feet and my legs. I chuckled remembering our first encounter. Mel was smiling, another fangirl in yet another school. Maybe I'll stay for a while, prolong Elexis's doom. Huh, how ironic. 




I yanked hard on Mel's arm, wanting to get the fake red head out of the class and to her place as soon as possible, but not allow Nate to catch on to where we were going. I watched him saunter of towards the flats, he looked over his shoulder. 

"Coming beautiful?" He winked at me. I nearly died. I backed up and headed in the opposite direction. Part of me beginning to want to follow him. The defenceless deer to be killed by the pouncing mountain lion. 

"Stop pulling me!" Mel yelped as my grip tightened. She giggled. "I think Nate likes you!" 

"No. He wants me dead." She rolled her eyes and snaked free of my grip to catch Jake. I sat, crossed arms, waiting for Nate to appear. But he didn't. That made me even more paranoid than usual. 




I dumped my school bag in the guest room at Mel's place and eyed up the clothes she'd given me to sleep in. A baggy top and shorts. Running a hand through my hair I locked the window. I wasn't taking no chances. I walked out, after inspecting the simple twist door lock. It would have to do. Mel was sat with Jake on the sofa, though to be honest she was more or less on top on him. 

"So what she doing here?" He asked eying me up. 

"She's paranoid. Thinks the new kids going to 'murderer' her." She laughed. Jake sighed. 

"You never know these days baby." He linked his fingers with hers. I smiled at the perfection my friend's life held. If only. A knock battered the door and my heart began pounding, had he already caught up with me? Mel got up and came to the door. I stood by aimlessly and watched as my fears grew.



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