Bitter Love

Have you ever crossed paths with a murderer?

I have.

And I foolishly fell in love.


2. Curiosity.


Flustered and more paranoid than ever, I felt the fear of Nate being over come by something else. Curiosity. I peered round the edge of the elevator and jumped out before the doors squished me. I watched him, then, stupidly, I followed him. I yanked the jingling keychains I had on my backpack and muffled them in my pocket. I had to be silent. He grunted under the weight of the bags and I hid behind one of the farthest skip like things away from him. As my confidence grew I peered over the grungy rim. My eyes widened as he slipped the big bag into the empty skip. It made a very loud thud and out of the black masses of bin-bag, a pale hand popped out. I clasped a hand over my mouth, preventing the scream. I'm sure he'd seen me. I saw his shadow move, come closer. I clutched at my backpack and prayed. His shadow stopped and I heard his shoes scuff on the ground. He made a little laugh. The seductive nature of his voice made me want to cry in the strangers arms. But I just seen him dump it, him, her, whatever. I'd watch him dump a body. I peered once again and watched him stuff the protruding hand into the bag.

"Gah." He spat. "Even in death your annoying. Remind me to never go for the Emily's again." I blinked rapidly. What was happening!? I turned on my heels and ran for it. I hoped to God he hadn't seen me.



Stupid girl. I chuckled at the thought of how easy locating my next victim had been. I wouldn't have the painful withdrawal symptoms now. I turned on my heels and stuffed the hand into the bag. It'd been risky dumping the her here, but being within the flat, it's highly unlikely the police will suspect a resident, that would be too risky for the murderer. That's why it's so ingenious. She peered over the lid again, thinking she was invisible. I revert back to my earlier statement. Stupid girl. I placed my hand on the lid, trying to keep my face from smiling. She got up and ran. 

"Silly Elexis. You already gave me all the information I need." I slammed the lid and followed her. "Curiosity killed the cat."



HE KILLED SOMEONE! I slammed my head against my locker. He must have seen me, it was inevitable. He was reasonable right? We could talk this over.Yeah, maybe you can watch a movie too while he's stabbing your body to death. "AH!" People turned in the halls. St. Lands. I'd already given him my location. He knew my flat number too! Oh no. I'm dead for sure. I felt panic building inside me. That ketchup, on his hand, could it have been...Blood? I shivered and entered my first class. Only to want to die on the spot.

There he sat, in his air of cool, he had his feet up on his desk, sat back in his chair, his hair covering his face. As if by sure coincidence, though I had a feeling it wasn't one bit, he lifted his head, eyes peering through his hair seeping into my skin. I nearly ran to my seat. 

"Okay class, today we'll be assessing your previous assessment in peers."No. "I'll be assigning your partners."No! "Elexis, with Nate. Be nice, he's new to our class." NO! I felt the blood drop from my body. Nate turned in his chair to smile at me, he sent me that crooked one. Half of the girls began protesting and whining. Take one of them! I was innocent! I shakily got up and sat with Nate. His eyes following over my body. Assessing my weaknesses no doubt. 

"Problem? I though we were friends." He said it with such an evil air, that I nearly began crying. Oh no. Oh no oh no! I closed my eyes and took three deep breaths. He smiled up at me, a devilish smile. 

"Fancy catching a movie?" He chuckled and I fainted. My vision blurred, till only darkness was left. This was how I'd die then. At least I'd die young. I saw his face. That's all I saw amongst the darkness. His beautiful face. He was a beautiful murderer. I felt some arms encase my weak body, I wondered aimlessly wether I'd end up in a trash bag, in the skip with 'Emily'. My limbs were useless in this state and I felt them dangle beside my body. Where are you taking me Mr Murderer?




I woke in my flat. I checked my clock thinking I'd awoken before my school alarm. Then it hit me. All of the earlier events. "Nate..." I whispered. 

"Yes?" I screamed.What was he doing here? I scrambled up my bed till I was stuck at the headboard. He sighed and sat on the edge of the bed, a playful look in his eyes. "Y'know, Mr Murderer is rather childish for you don't you think?" He beamed. How were we having such a light conversation about this!? I should be dead! 

"W-w-why-?" I began, but he silenced me. A long boney finger pressed to my lips. I closed my eyes, awaiting any minute for a knife to produce from some part of his body. 

"I like them to be a little more competent." I gasped horrified. What sort of person can become like this?

"That's vile! Your a sick and lowly monster!" I yelled at him. He smiled, a full faced, cheshire cat smile. It seemed a little mad and part of me felt like Alice as she stood before the mad hatter.

"I'll take that as a compliment."He chuckled. "Want to have some fun Lexi?" My face dropped, he was even giving me a nickname now? He came a little closer and I wanted to run, but I was stuck. Between my headboard and a murderer. A beautiful murderer. "Eh? Want to play?" He tilted his head, his smile becoming even more maddened. His hands came to either side of my head on the headboard. I was trapped in a cage of his arms. 

"How about..." He continued "a game of kiss and run?" He mumbled against my hair. My breathing heightened and he laughed darkly. His lip coming closer.





"Go." He whispered against my lips. Then they pressed against mine. It was amazing, the best kiss I'd ever had. His soft lips parted mine and deepened the kiss, for a moment I felt like his girlfriend in the most perfect relationship ever. But his lips were already retreating. I had to run. I froze though, I was so stupid! 

"N-Nate..." He placed a hand over his eyes, but peeked through the cracks.

"Go on. I'll give you a head start Lexi. Seen as I like you." I flung the covers off of my body and began to run for the door, but I slowed. Was this how they all died? Countless amounts of victims no doubt, becoming infatuated from a single kiss... I looked back and he let his head fall back. 

"Head start over." He grinned and I rapped at the door handle. 

"Open! Dammnit! Open! Please!"I cried. I heard a laugh behind me, and screamed again as his hand encircled my on the handle. 

"Together?" He said in an eerily creepy voice. He forced the door open and stood in the doorway as I fell to the floor. I scrambled to my feet as he spun a kitchen knife on the pad of his forefinger. "I'm being really lenient with you Lexi, appreciate that." He bit his lip and I wanted to jump into his arms. His dangerous arms. But I forced myself to run, sure that by the end of today, Elexis Day wouldn't be breathing.

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