Bitter Love

Have you ever crossed paths with a murderer?

I have.

And I foolishly fell in love.


4. Blood On His Hands.



I felt my breath catch in my throat, I was choking on oxygen, how stupid. There he stood, his devilish beauty hitting me, unlatching the air that hung in my windpipe. I fell the floor and began scrambling backwards. 

"No! Leave me alone! Stop it!" I screamed at him. Mel was looking bored. It was like a nightmare. As if she was secretly his secretary or something, part of it all. My back hit the harsh reality of the wall and I grasped at the rug on the floor, my fingers whitening at the harsh pressure I held there. Jake came to his feet and stood an equal distance between Mel and myself. I smashed my head against the wall hoping to send me into unconsciousness, so it'd be painless. I screamed as through my blurry eyes I saw Nate stepping towards me.

"Get away from me!" I screamed louder, the words cutting deep in my sore throat. I threw my head back again, the pain shooting through my skull. Jake's face was distraught. He believed me. It's stupid that Melanie could be so blind. I kicked at Nate as his crooked smile entered my blurry vision again. 

"Silly, your gunna' knock yourself out." His silky chuckle tore at my insides. Strong pale hands cupped my face and the sore spot on my head. My eyes felt like they were bulging out of my head. He smiled over his shoulder at a cautious Jake. Melanie's smile was like a child's. She really was blind. 

"P-plea-se... S-st-top it." I sobbed as his murderous arms encased me rising me from the ground. Though I felt my stupid plan only now beginning to take effect, the edge of my eyes becoming fuzzy pulsing with my erratic heartbeat. I forced myself not to give up. I pushed him away, wobbling the young mad man, falling from his arms. I hit the floor and rolled to my feet, watching him. I daren't move, though I wanted to run. It was to where I'd run to that was the problem. My hair fell roughly over my face, but I didn't let it effect me, my stare continued. Nate bit his lip and chuckled at my 'stupidity'. He reached for me and I battered his hands away. His face darkened and his smile turned mad. He cocked his head slightly and caught my arm, pulling me helplessly to him. 

"No more running." His mad smile only widened. Then Nate's eyes shot to the side, only to meet a punch in the face. It sent the boy to the floor, cussing under his breath. He tugged on my arm, his fingers like claws against my skin. I wriggled free and Jake pushed me behind him. 

"Jake!" Mel jogged over to her boyfriend a little annoyed.

"Get behind me Melanie." He said harshly, my friend simply laughed. 

"Are you being stupid? You just hit Nate for no reason." I shot her a scared glance. She made a gesture as if to say 'isn't it obvious?' and my brows furrowed. "Obviously Nate likes you Lexi!" She chimed, happy with herself. 

"Shut up Melanie!" I shouted, my voice raspy with pain. Nate wiped at the corner of his mouth. 

"Interesting." He said in a mumble. He rolled his shoulders as he came to his feet. I cowered behind Jake, afraid he would do it here and now. Nate steadied himself then grabbed Mel, pulling her to him and pressing a knife to her throat. 

"Melanie!" I screamed through my tears as Nate pulled the knife across her throat. Slowly, painfully. Blood trickling, then poured from her neck. I shook violently, my right hand slapped over my face as I witnessed such a sight. "Mel! Mel, no Melanie..." I sobbed. Her body fell to the floor lifeless, the blood staining in a puddle around her petite frame. 

"Go!" Jake shouted and I nodded before running for the door, only to turn and watch Nate stake his heart with his knife. A maddened smile painting his lips. Jake's body slumped next to Mel's and conversed with the pain. I ran, though the thought still presented itself. Where do I go now? I looked over my shoulder, Nate stood in the hallway, twisting the bloody knife against his lip. One side of his body was stained all up to his neck in deep red blood. 

"Run little Lexi. Nate's after you." He chuckled, licking at the blood on the back of his hand. I screamed, though it escaped as a choked whisper. "Mmm." He said, inspecting the red liquid. "Ketchup." He laughed, letting his head loll back. I threw myself into the elevator, aware I had now lost my backpack and began tapping the floor buttons to the point they flashed in a crazy pattern if dancing lights. Nate walked, pride in his strides, taking his time, taunting my battered brain. I sat on the floor of the elevator willing the doors to close. They did as Nate brought the knife into the air. The doors caught the edge of the knife as it tried to cut into the box. It screeched against the metal that mirrored its stained material, before being yanked from the doors. 

I tried, with great fail to calm myself. Breathing deeply, and closing my eyes. The movement of the elevator only deepened my fears. I felt like I was drowning. The doors opened and I forced my aching legs to run on. I ran home, to the flat, the only other place I knew. If I tried to stay with someone... They'd only have to die as well. I couldn't live with that. Melanie... Jake... It's all my fault. I shakily spun the key in the lock, and then locked myself in. Barring the windows, closing the blinds. i was on complete lock down. Nate would find me, and then I'd die. I am but delaying my nearing fate.


((A/N: Sorry it's a little short, but I kinda liked the cliffhanger like ending;p Everyone has been so supportive of this story! Thankyou so much readers! I love you all ^^ BeyondLawliet))

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