Death by Love?

Is conflict what brought these two together? And now conflict becomes the end of the road? Find out in Death by Love?


1. The only Chapter...


Jay's P.O.V. -----------------    "Well don't flip on me just because you hate me." Alex crossed his arms and glared at me. I looked at him and said softly, "I don't hate you baby. Oh...erm..Sorry...." He turned away abruptly, leaving me staring at his back. "Don't call me that." he growled. "We aren't together."   Brief anger rose in me. "I know! Just...just..." I sigh. "I'm sorry." He turned around slowly and tilted his head up a little. He spoke slowly, as if unsure. "I think..I think we need to stop talking for a while. Before we both go crazy." I looked at the ground and muttered, "I'm not going dang crazy." He sighed. "I am." I shut my eyes then looked up at him. "Then just..just leave off...and quit wishing everything was like it used to be!!" I let out my breath and collapsed on the picnic bench next to me.      (--Yep. We were at his house. We were in the backyard. There were woods behind his house and on both sides. In the woods to the right of the house, a path lead to my house. I had just come over to hangout. (we became just friends after are "break up") And then his argument broke out. But I guess it's better we have it now instead of later...--)    "I wish because I miss loving you Jay!! DAMN!! I FREAKING HATE LOVE!!" He yells and sits down on the other end of the bench, slamming his fist on the table then putting his face in his hands. I turned my head the other way. "Well get used to the real world before it hurts you.."    "Trust me, it has. That's why I don't feel pain any more." he says from behind his hands. I turn to him. Giving him a slightly questioning look. "Then I don't see why you can't let go of me." He moves his hands from his face and folds them on the table. He keeps his eyes focused downwards, on the table. "Because you can't let go of love to easy." I shut my eyes and sigh. "I can't do this any more." I get up slowly and start walking towards the woods, letting the wind whip my wavy hair. Alex gets up and the anger rises in his face. He clenches his teeth, turns, and punches the side of the house, leaving a crack in the siding. He stands there next to the house, eyes squeezed shut, his body trembling. I just shake my head and keep walking. I feel the tears stinging my eyes.. I blink quickly and rub at them. Alex grabs a picture frame with a picture of us in it, that was sitting on a deck table, and throws it at the side of the house. He clenches his fists. "You said to let go." By now, I'm just at the edge of the woods. I grab my phone from pocket and text him. "And get over the fact that it's over now and probably will be for as long as I live!!! I knew this would happen...I'd just end up just end up being one of your ex-s that was a total jerk...but I hope you get your facts straightened out before it's too late."  I snap the phone shut, shove it deep in my pocket, and stomp off and slump behind a tree. I look from behind it and watch him. Alex slumps to the ground and takes the picture from the shattered pieces of glass. He pulls out his phone, texts something, then buries his face in his hands again. A message appears on my phone and I read it. "Sometimes, you have to destroy the past to have a future." I text him back. "Sometimes you have to forget the past to remember that you can be loved WITHOUT failure..."  When I look up from my phone, he's standing above me. I scrambled to my feet and started to back away, reaching a hand out behind my back to feel where I was going. Alex stepped towards and gently, but firmly took my arm and pulled me into him. He planted a kiss on my lips, then released me and turned his face to the ground. "I'm sorry." He whispered. "I couldn't help myself." He turned and walked a little ways, then sat down with his back against a tree.Shock was what came over me first, Then that gave way to anger. I hung my head and said, "Maybe love was never an option for me in the first place." Alex replies, "Love is an option for everyone. I'm sorry. I love you." He took the now wrinkled picture of us, and ripped it right own the middle. Separating us. "Goodbye my Queen." he whispers. He wipes tears from his eyes, which is weird because I haven't seen him cry in forever. I gave one last look in his direction then turned and walked deeper into the forest. I found a large tree and laid down under it. I closed my eyes as I felt the hot tears beginning to run.  "Why did I let myself go?" I whispered. My voice cracked and my throat burned. Behind me I heard footsteps, but I didn't care who saw me any more. By the sounds of it, I guessed it was Alex. There was a soft thumping noise and a sigh. He must be on the dock. But what do I care? I'm certainly not going to go apologize. This isn't his fight to win.
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