Taken Into Darkness

A girl of 18 was supposed to meet her friend at the mall, they both took separate busses. So what happened to Charlee when she never got off the bus at her stop?


3. Feeling Better, But Certainly Not OK

I woke up from what seemed like hours, I slowly flutter my eyes open to have the room dark except for a candle lit beside the bed on a small wooden table. I wonder if one of the boys put it there because if I remember correctly there wasn't one there earlier. Just thinking of the boys it make me look at my wrists and feel the side of my face, looking at my wrists first I see that there is minor bruising probably from the ropes but i see that there is some larger, more oval shaped prints. I think that might me from Niall gripping my wrist back on the bus. Should I tell Harry about it...bout the bruises? Just as i was thinking it i looked beside me to see Harry is not there, in the bed beside me. 

"Charlee! Food's ready!"

Who said that? it sounded british so not Niall, but it wasn't deep and husky like Harry. Oh well i'll find out once i get out there. I sat up and stretched out then removed the blankets from my body and swung my legs to the edge of the bed. OH SHIT! Rope burn on my ankles and some areas were blistered!! how hard had Harry tied the ropes? I really hope he doesn't see them. I stood up but after the first couple of steps i felt a little light-headed so i stopped where i was standing and closed my eyes which seemed to make it disappear. I opened the door and wandered down the hallway looking through the open rooms along the way noticing that each of the boys had a different personality but all of them somehow seemed to have the messiest rooms I have EVER seen, but I guess thats to be expected. I stood at the end of the hallway and looked into the room that I was bound in and the chair had been removed but the fire was still going. I was startled to feel a pair of warm hands snake themselves around my waist to hug me from behind, then i chis rested on my shoulder which caused me to sharply inhale my next breath.

"Please don't be scared of me Charlee, I really am sorry for what I did to you. I like you a lot is all. When i saw you at the bus stop I instantly noticed how gorgeous you were and I just had to have you." He kissed my shoulder and at the base of my neck.

At this point I was frozen solid trembling slightly. Harry noticed and released his grip slightly but not breaking contact with my neck.

"Why didn't you just talk to me? Instead of doing all of this? I would have talked to you ya know. I wouldn't have ignored you."

"Charlee, you don't understand. The past couple relationships I have had have ended in disaster...and when I laid my eyes on you I knew you were the one for me. I didn't want to mess things up, I want and need you to trust me."

"You have to earn my trust, it's not something that you just receive. And what don't I understand? Help me understand."

He quickly removed his arms from my waist "NO CHARLEE! YOU WONT UNDERSTAND!! NO ONE WILL!"

He slammed his fist against the wall, startling me so I moved further back. I heard footsteps behind me so I turned around to see all of the other boys behind me. I took a deep breath and slowly approached the wall. Once i was in reach of Harry I stuck my hand out and rested my hand on his shoulder trailing it down his back to the side of his hip. He had tears coming from his eyes.

"Harry," I said in a calm whisper. "Talk to me, I wont judge an i'm willing to help, if you'll just let me...."

He swiftly turned around and engulfed me in a strong hug tears falling into my shoulder. I soothingly rubbed circles into his back which seemed to calm him. I looked over at the boys and they all nodded and walked off.

"Shhh, it's okay Harry, i'm here to help." 

Once i was sure he had calmed himself down I pulled back and put both hands on his shoulders looking directly into his eyes. Wow. I never noticed how green his eyes were, they are like emeralds. Um...anyways.

"Harry are you calm enough to sit down to eat with the other boys?"

"*Chough* Erm, yeah...I think so."

"Go eat."
I let go of his shoulders and turned towards the hallway when he coughed again.

"Aren't you going to eat something?"

"No...i'm not hungry."

He wrapped his arms around me again and whispered in my ear.

"Yes you are, your stomach was growling when you were asleep, don't lie to me."

"Harry, i'm really not hungry...i'll be fine."

"No....your going to eat something even if I have to shove it down your throat"

Before I could reply he had hoisted me up and was now carrying me bridal style into the kitchen where he placed me onto a chair then sat next to me. One of the boys, Zayn I believe his name was, brought over a bowl of salad then a bowl of macaroni an cheese. Honestly I wasn't hungry at all but I wasn't sure that if i said that again if Harry would lose it again. Butter just take a small amount and eat it slowly.

"Ladies first" Niall said.

As i went to reach for the macaroni bowl Harrys arm flew out in-front of mine and grabbed it. He then proceeded to scoop a massive amount of it onto my plate then his own. I glared at him with a look of hate and annoyance. He then leaned in and whispered 'You have to eat every last bit of it, not one noodle can be left on your plate'. I officially hate him.

*An hour later*

"Wow that took you forever to finish! But I can't believe you actually ate that whole thing...impressive."

"Haha thanks...Liam?

"Yep, thats me"

"Okay, sorry if I forget your names...i'm still trying to remember them."

"It's okay" they all said in unison.

"Well i'm stuffed and exhausted i'm gonna head off to bed, g'night everyone."

I strolled down the hallway but not long after Harry entered the room.

"What are you doing in here? Don't you have your own room with your own bed?"

"I do, but someone needs to keep an eye on you during the night, you tent to move a lot and it seems like you had a nightmare earlier so you got closer and cuddled with me."

"Ph...weird. I dont remember having a nightmare."

"Well i think you did but don't worry, I wont try anything."

He left to get me some sweatpants and a shirt so I could change. After we were both finished getting ready we climbed into bed and he snaked his arm around my waist and pulled me closer. Oddly, I didn't mind, he kept me warm and I felt safe. Just thinking about it made me fall asleep.

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