Taken Into Darkness

A girl of 18 was supposed to meet her friend at the mall, they both took separate busses. So what happened to Charlee when she never got off the bus at her stop?


1. Taken

"Yes Kia, Im just getting on my bus now and i'll be there in about 15 minutes."

I got off the phone with my friend Kianna, I was heading to the mall with her to do some after christmas shopping. Unfortunately we both had to take separate buses which was kinda scary because the closest bus station for me was in the darker, drug dealing side of town. It was even scarier for me because there was only me and a group of about five guys all wearing black hoodies covering their face. Every now and then I would see them move a little closer to me, they were close enough so I could hear that they were saying something about me. I probably should have walked to the mall today, I mean it was a beautiful day in the heart of London. Being dressed the way I was, black blazer, purple lace tank, black skinny jeans and knee high boots I was afraid that I might get mugged or attacked by them. My phone beeped just as the bus pulled up, it was Kianna. To my uneasy self all five of the hooded figures got on the bus..to make it worse, we were the only people on the bus...me and them. I decided to text Kianna back to let her know whats going on. The bus pulled away from the curb and when we were on the main street all of the hooded figures pulled off their hoods revealing the semi-attractive selfs. The curly hired one stood up and walked towards me.

"Hi, Im Harry, whats your name gorgeous"

"Hi, my name is...Charlee, did you want something?"

"Yeah, I was thinking you, maybe you could come over to our house and we could, yaknow...hang out, get cozy by the fire"

"Ugh, i'll pass thanks"

He sat next to me.

"That wasn't a question"

I looked down and he tightened his hand around my wrist. I knew I was in trouble. I tried reaching for my phone but another one of the boys came beside me and grabbed my bag and said 'I wouldn't do that if I were you'. Fuck. 

The bus driver turned around and announced that he had to pull over quickly to fill up his gas tank, great, I was left alone with five psychopaths that were going to take me away somewhere.

"Okay, now that the bus driver has left your going to be a good girl and cooperate with us, you are not going to scream, talk or try and run off or you will be punished.

Out of fear I nodded my head, I started shaking when two of the boys pulled open the side doors. 

"Relax babe, nothing bad will happen if you cooperate. If you want I can carry you."

"Ugh, no thanks, I think i'll just walk.

After about twenty minutes of walking we arrived at a small cottage looking house, it was surrounded by lots of forrest so im sure that no one would ever find me. When we got inside they led me straight to a room with only a bed and a window. They practically threw me into the room and I heard a small click. I picked myself off the dusty floor and walked to the door it didn't budge. Locked. Remembering the window on the other side of the room I figured it was locked too, maybe I could smash the window and get away from here, but not now, I have to find out where I am and I have got to make sure that no one is here to hear the glass smash. Just then I heard faint breathing and light footsteps walking towards me. I turned around to see Harry...he had a small grin as he took another few steps towards me so we were face to face. He grabbed my wrist  and dragged me out the door.

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