love you

this is about a girl named elizabeth and she runs away from her family and bumps into the one and only niall horan and they fall in love find out what happens


1. chapter one

Hi I am Elizabeth i have brown hair and eyes straight long hair,my dad hits,kicks,punches me so I have a few tiny bruises but it is all good. "Dad stop that hurts" i say as he punches me in the face."go upstaris your grounded ". I run upstaris and shut my door and get a big bag and but my clothes in it and money also my ipod with all 1D songs on it and i open my window and get on a vine that is bye my window and climb down right when i am half way through my dad sees me and i start to climb down faster and then i got on the ground and ran down the street ilook back and see my dad taking a short cut and then I stop and then i heard my dad so i ran and then i bumped in to a guy by then i had ran a whole city so i past out and i hoped it wasnt my dad i saw but oh well

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