Once Again

Emily was in 9th grade when she thought she found the guy of her dreams. they got in a fight and she came to opolagize to him,but soon found out he already moved on.Never again did she think she could love anyone else.A couple years later she was walking home when a couple of boys came around and beat her. she was good at defending herself but they were to strong. She saw a figure but in the distance. None other than a curly haired boy with emerald green eyes.


8. Sleep Over Storm

'' Make yourself at home Em '' he said. I smiled to myself ' Em '...i like that.  I plopped myself down on the couch. It was a very pretty couch...Not to fancy and not to modern..I tried to find a remote..I couldn't..'' uh Harry? '' i asked nervous. '' Ya? '' he asked. He sounded busy so i walked into the kitchen.'' were do you keep the remote? '' i asked nervous-er-ish. '' oh on the top of the '' he said. He didnt finsish but i think its because he was making somthing '' on top of the? '' i said pushing him on to continue.'' the TV '' he said focusing on whatever he was doing. '' thanks '' i said walking back to the living room. I looked and found the remote. I started to flick trough the channels...nothing interesting...I just left it on the TV show that is was on before.I fell asleep almost immediately.

~Harry"s POV~

i felt knda a bit of a jerk....not kinda or a bit actually..alot of a jerk...I walked into the living room to alpogize to Emily. Instead i found her curled up in a ball on the couch. She looked pretty cold so i went upstairs to get a blanket. I walked upstairs and saw my Kitty cat.I picked her up and put her in my room because i rememberd that Emily was alergic to cats. I finally found a blanket. It was the blanket me and Em used to cuddle in  in highschool...i hope she doesnt remember it. I really want a second chance with Em..its no gonna happen though because i remember when i pretty much broke her heart she never got a boyfriend ever again..she said i was her first and her last..Anyway, i went back dwonstairs and found Emily still curled up. I went over and tucked her in. I smiled and went back in the kitchen.

~3 hours later~

( Still Harry's POV ) you might think im a little creepy or stalkerish but yes..i have been watching Emily sleep for 3 hours...she would rarely smile in her sleep and move around...she just looked adorable..you have to admit it. She finally woke up '' morning gorgeous '' i said half smirking. '' Morning, wait what time is it? '' she asked furrowing her eyebrows. i checked my watch then noticed it wasnt there and took out my phone. '' about 2:00 o'clock '' i said looking back at her '' oh ok '' she said. i didnt know why i said morning because it was 2 in teh afternoon so i dont know. Soon the news came on. '' A massive Storm has hit central London. We ask to not use the roads or do not go outside, thank you. '' Emily looked at me worried. '' h-how will i-i get hom-me? '' she asked scared. I remember that Emily was extremely scared of any storms what so ever. She hated them and always thought she was going to die. '' you can stay here, i promise that you'll be safe '' i said conserned '' o-okay... '' she said looking around. Then a huge crack of thunder was heard. She covered her face with the blanket. I walked over to her and sat down next to her '' you'll be okay i promise '' i said rubbing her shoulder. She looked up at me and smiled. Im pretty sure my heart just melted. i smiled back and got up to go get something to eat. '' No Harry please dont leave, i know i sound like a wimp but i hate storms and i-im scared..'' she said '' okay i wont leave '' i said coming back over and sitting down . She soon fell asleep and so did I.

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