Once Again

Emily was in 9th grade when she thought she found the guy of her dreams. they got in a fight and she came to opolagize to him,but soon found out he already moved on.Never again did she think she could love anyone else.A couple years later she was walking home when a couple of boys came around and beat her. she was good at defending herself but they were to strong. She saw a figure but in the distance. None other than a curly haired boy with emerald green eyes.


3. On To Texting Already! x3

why did i call him cute!!! your such a idiot Emily!!! Even if i thought he was a little cute than why would he like me?!? im such a FREAK!! I grabbed my phone out of my pur-ugh 'purse' i guess 3 missed calls and 12 text mesages

from:JACKLEN!X3: hey were are you?

from:JACKLEN!X3: HELLO!!!!!


wow Jacklen. you know i wont read the rest.i called her '' EMMY IS THIS YOU?!'' she yelled so loud i had to pull the phone away from my ear'' ya srry i kinda got-yah know um nvm im fine'' '' ARE YOU SURE!? '' again i pulled it away from my ear '' ya im fine alright im coming home now'' ''OKAY!!'' god jacklen whats rong with her,hahaha.'' bye love ya!'' ''BYE LOVE YA TOO!!!!'' i hung up the phone. wow Jacklen! I started walking home.I got a new text.

from:Harry<3: Hey Emmy, im rlly bored!

: Hi im bored too, my siter just called and screamed in my ear. hahaha lol

from:Harry<3: awww your poor ear lol

: thanks Harry

from:Harry<3: no problemo!

: i gotta go ill text you later\

from:Harry<3: okay bye love you!

: what?

he never replied. huh. alright then! i walked home and opend the door and ran up the spiral steps.i knocked on Jacklens bathroom door'' yes '' she asked '' oh just amking sure ur here " i ran in my roomand plopped on my bed. i grabbed my i phone and read the text over and over again.'okay bye love you!' what? he loves me? we just met! huh.... il just ask. i called him. it rang a couple times '' hello? '' a irish accent asked '' um is this the right number?'' i asked '' i dont know, this is my friend Harrys phone,im Niall!'' oh good right number! '' can i talk to him?'' i asked '' umm...." '' NIALL HES COMING HES COMING!!'' i heard a totally diferent voice yell '' oh god '' I heard Niall say softly '' NIALL,LOUIS!!!!!'' i heard Harry yell. he sounded MAD!'' hello?'' i said softly i heard harrry cough'' hey srry Emmy those were my frien- well band mates Niall and Louis''

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