Once Again

Emily was in 9th grade when she thought she found the guy of her dreams. they got in a fight and she came to opolagize to him,but soon found out he already moved on.Never again did she think she could love anyone else.A couple years later she was walking home when a couple of boys came around and beat her. she was good at defending herself but they were to strong. She saw a figure but in the distance. None other than a curly haired boy with emerald green eyes.


4. Meeting The So Called Band Mates

band mates?'' your in a band?'' i asked him. i started to hear Louis and Niall cracking up in the backround ''what?am i stupid?'' i asked laughing a bit.i heard a little bang.They were still alughing so i figured i wasnt bad.

~Hazza's POV~

when she asked me if i was in a band Niall and Louis stared laughing there heads off.''what?am i stupid?'' she asked again.Niall fell off the couch rolling on the floor laughing. Louis was still laughing also, and he had his head down shaking it.'' shuddup! '' i mumbled to them''ahahaha'' Niall kept laughing.'' no your not stupid'' i said back to Emmy while aslo laughing a bit.'' i feel like it'' she mumbled into the phone. ''well your not '' ''thanks'' i smiled a bit '' Whatcha smilin about Hazz!? '' said Niall. i rolled my eyes.'' soooooo, i have a question'' she said to me... oh no '' whats your question? '' i asked her '' why did you say you loved me through text? '' '' i-i i umm i didnt....i-i think louis and n-niall were playing a-around with my p-phone....'' i said. wow im horible at lying. i hoped she would beleive me.''oh..ok'' she said back. phew! '' ill call you later ok?'' i asked her '' nooooo im bored!! please stay on the phone!!'' she begged. '' ill put you on speaker so the guys can her you'' i said to her '' wait, how may are there?'' she asked '' 5 incuding me '' i said back to her '' ok! '' i put her on speaker.

~Emily's POV~

Me and Harry talked for literaly hours. I talked to the other boys too.'' EMMYY!!! FAITH WANTS YOU!!! AND DINNERS READY!! ''  i heard Jacklen yell from downstairs. i jumped up and slipped on my bedroom floor. it was hardwood and i was wearing socks. '' F**K! '' I mumbled to myself. i ran downstairs, limping a little bit.'' yes Faith? '' i asked '' Come here! '' she said excitingly. i walked over to her and she wisperd in my ear '' Leo asked me out!'' she said very excitedly. '' Really?! '' i asked. she noded with the happiest smile on her face. '' thats awsome!'' i said to her a little sacasticly, hoping the thing that happend to doesnt happen to her. we all sat down and ate dinner. when we were done i ran upstairs and changed into my fluffly pj's.i put on my slippers that are lke boots but floppy and fluffly. My phone rang. i picked it up.'' ello? '' i said '' hey Emmy, i was wondering if you wanted to come to our recording studio and hear us all sing? i know its a lot to ask but i was just wondering, and you dont have to go if you dont want to, i mean its your choice and-'' ''Harry?'' i asked '' yeah?" he said nervousley '' ill come, i just need the adress, and time to be there'' i told him '' is it alright if i just pick you up?'' he asked '' sure what time?'' '' is 12:30 alright,love?'' he asked me '' yes its perfect, ill see you tommarow alright?'' '' alright bye Emmy " '' bye Harry'' i hung up and plopped on my bed, looking at the ceiling.'' who was that '' i jumped at the sound of her voice '' oh god, Faith you scared me!'' '' again, who was that?'' she asked '' oh , my friend Harry.'' '' your lover boy? '' she asked me '' no! were just friends! now go to bed!'' i snapped at her '' alright, alright! geesh!'' she said exciting my room.do i like him? idk! does he like me?! again idk! did he really mean he loves me? why would he love- or even like me? i couldnt sleep with all theese thoughts going through my head. My pillow viberated. '' what the h*ll!?'' i mumbled to myself. i picked up my pillow. it was just my phone under my pillow. hahaha.


( sorry that its short ill mmake the next one longer! )

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