Once Again

Emily was in 9th grade when she thought she found the guy of her dreams. they got in a fight and she came to opolagize to him,but soon found out he already moved on.Never again did she think she could love anyone else.A couple years later she was walking home when a couple of boys came around and beat her. she was good at defending herself but they were to strong. She saw a figure but in the distance. None other than a curly haired boy with emerald green eyes.


2. Getting To Know Him.....

~Harrys POV~

i helped her limp body up. I knew her from somthing... huh..... wait, no no no it cant, can it? no, it cant be Emily, no its not, right? oh god......'' whats your name love?'' i asked hoping it wasnt Emily.... '' oh im Emily, you can call me Emmy'' i froze, literally '' you okay there curly?'' she asked me poking my cheek.'' hello, earth to guy who saved me!'' she used to call me curly.....how could i be that rude to her?! why did i even say yes to Ana?! whats wrong with me?! '' your creepin me out dude, r u alright or not?!'' '' huh oh um ya srry i just spaced out for a second there heheh'' i said looking at my feet '' your telling me '' she said laughing a bit '' oh im Harry'' i said hoping she wouldnt remember '' oh '' is all she said ''thanks so much for helping me i mean those guys were really mean and you know they kept beating me when i was just on my way back from dropping my siter off from schooll so yeah oh and i talk rlly fast and long when im nervouse does that show?'' i chuckled to myself a bit '' oh god um ur bleeding '' i said to her '' oh its nothing just a bruise and a cut im fine''she said looking at her bruise and cut on her arm. i noticed she had a huge cut going up her left arm '' are you sure?'' i said grabbbing her left arm and showing her the cut '' oh wow '' she said with her mouth shaped like a perfect 'o'. her face expression was kinda funny but i didnt want to seem like i didnt care.'' do you want me to help you clean that up ?'' i asked nicley and gave her a cheeky grin '' sure thanks '' what can i say? i am a ladys man.

~Emilys POV~

This Harry guy reminded me alot of  Harry the heartbraker, as i now like to call him.but this guy was WAY to cheeky, and sweet.He took me to his house. '' sit over there ill be right back '' he said running up his stairs. i follow his orders and sit on the chair he pointed to. he came back down stairs with a wash cloth and a couple of bandaids. '' again thank you Harry, you really didnt have to '' he came over to me and kneeled on the ground infront of the chair '' i wanted to '' he said looking up from my arm and giving me the cheekiest grin ever that showed his adorable dimples- no stop! you cant fall for anyone! even if there adorable, with the cutest hair and cutest dimples in the- ahhhhhhhh! stop! '' you oky Emmy?'' he asked me '' oh umm.. yah i think so..''i said and fake smiled. he smiled back and continued cleaning the cut on my arm.'' ow ow ow that stings! '' i said closing my eyes in pain '' its okay it will only sting for a second '' he said with a suprisingly straight face '' okay '' i mumbled. he put on the bandaid. '' better?'' he asked '' ya '' i said back '' again thank SOOO much Harry, it means alot'' i said looking down ''no problem'' '' anyway i should go'' i said grabing my purse-again i hate saying that '' Wait!'' he said before i opend the door ''yes Harry?'' '' i lost my number, can i have yours?'' he said smirking '' your luck you cute!'' i said and handed him a peice of paper that had my number on it '' thanks Emmy'' he said before i left. WAIT DID I JUST CALL HIM CUTE!!! AHHHHHHH!!!!! IM SO STUPID!!!!!!!

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