Once Again

Emily was in 9th grade when she thought she found the guy of her dreams. they got in a fight and she came to opolagize to him,but soon found out he already moved on.Never again did she think she could love anyone else.A couple years later she was walking home when a couple of boys came around and beat her. she was good at defending herself but they were to strong. She saw a figure but in the distance. None other than a curly haired boy with emerald green eyes.


1. The Man Beast

Emilys POV

The sun was shining on my face.Time to apolagize to him.I took a deep breath.I walked around the corner of the building, where i would meet up with Harry. What i saw hurt me, ALOT. '' H-h-harry?!? '' i said in a lowest voice ive ever heard my self talk in, mostly beacause im REALLY loud. He still managed to hear me.  '' what? '' he asked. '' ARE YOU MENTAL!!!! '' '' no? '' '' THEN WHAT ARE YOU DOING?!? AND WHO IS THAT?!?'' i asked more like demanded '' oh Ana?'' he said pointing to the gir- well, more like a man beast , he was snogging with a couple minutes ago. '' No, the flying Unicorn, wel no duh! '' i yelled sarcasticly. '' oh this is my girlfriend '' he said proud of himself. the word 'girlfriend' hit me like my life was over.He was my first boyfriend and now, my last.

~ 3 years later ~

'' GET  UP EMMY '' my younger sister Faith said as she jumped on my bed '' only if i can have coffee '' i mumbled '' but coffees gross! '' she said sitting at my feet '' well i like it, now , GET ME MY COFFE PEASENT!'' i yelled to her sarcasticly '' yes ma'dm Emily '' she said jokingly and ran down stairs.This will be a long, but probaly fun day. I ran into the bathroom in my bedroom. haha sounds weird. I got in the shower and let the cool droplets git my skin. I got out, straightend my hair,put on mascara, a little eyeliner, and some clear lipgloss that had white and red sparkles in it. I put on a black and grey crop top with a black tank top under it, some black skinnies with rips in them, and black converse.i walked out to find Faith sitting on my bed holding the steaming coffee cup. '' Thank You '' i said sitting next to her on my bed. '' no ploblem sista! '' '' Yeah.... dont say that....'' i said '' yeah it sounded betteer in my head '' she said looking at the ground playing with her hands. '' can you walk to school with me? '' she asked shly '' sure '' i said messing around with her hair '' thanks Emmy '' '' no problemo, now go get ready for school '' i told her '' okay, by the way jacklens already up '' she said running downstairs like a mad woman. Jacklen is my older sister. Im the middle child.I ran down the spiral stair case, slipping, but catching myself on the railing.I grapped my I phone off the kitchen table, my fluffy wight vest, and a peice of freshly cut watermelon. '' Hi Maya '' i said to my oldest sisters daughter. Shes only 2 and my sister is 22. My sister adopted her but Maya still looks exactlety like her. its kinda creepy. ''Faith are you ready yet?!?'' ''COMING'' she shouted from the upstairs. i grab my purse- ugh i hate calling it that, it sounds girly, and put my phone in it, then swung it around my shoulder. when i turned around Faith was standign there all dressed with her backpack on and  had her dirty blonde hair in a high pony. Her hair coler matched mine but Jacklens was DARK brown with some darkish red highlights. Our moms hair was dirty blonde with curls but Jacklen only got moms curls and eyes, on the other hand me and Faith got dads eyes and moms hair color, Jacklen obviousley got dads hair color. ....strange...dont ya think?  I walked out the door with Faith right behind.'' so.. into boys yet?'' i asked her winking. she was only 12 but hey, i dont give a crap! '' n-no wh-why would y-you think th-that?? '' she asked hesitating alot '' your horible at lieing you know that right? '' i asked her as we walked '' ya i know, its just my friend Leo he- hes just,.. i dont even know...'' she said looking at the ground. i felt bad, she felt the way i did all those years that i liked har- well,him and never told him.Untill he broke my heart with that man beast he so called Ana.i snapped right back into reality when i ran into a pole. Faith laughed and ran into her school. '' well bye! '' i snapped at her. she turned back and ran over to me, embracing me with a hug and ran back into a huddle filled with her friends. I started to walk back home when it started literally POORING rain i was freezing but i had a vest, yes a vest, the closest thing i had to warmth right now. i shook my head and my soaking wet hair stuck to my face. i brushed it off and began walking again. i saw a couple guys in the back round. oh god.... i speed walked, glanced behind me and beagan running. '' hello there missy '' one said catching up to me. i didnt say a word. '' you gonna talk sweatheart?! '' another said. they all beagan beating me '' stop please stop! '' i said holding back the tears. one almost punched me but i grabbed his rist and twisted it. i heard a crack. ew! '' noone hurts us! '' they guy with a black hat said, and they beagna beating me again. '' What the heck are you doing to her?! '' i heard a teenagers voice yell '' none of your buisness bud! '' said one of my attackers '' what did she do to deseve this?! '' the teen boy yelled back '' just go man, shes fine!'' i could hardly make out what the teen boy looked like through my tear filled eyes. all i know is that he punched one of them and they all ran. '' Are you alright love? '' he asked. It was none other than a curly haird boy with emerald green eyes. i knew him from somewhere but idk where...'' ya thanks '' i said as he helped me up.

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