Committing A Crime

Katelyn was planning other christmas alone, committing was a problem she always had but she hadn't thought it would be a problem this time she was in love after all. But as she boarded the plane that would take her back home to her lonely hotel room that she meet someone she hadn't expected, Mr Harry Styles. Can he change her Christmas for the better?


5. Peace of mind

The next morning the smells of breakfast waffled up stair, the heavenly smell of bacon and tea. I quickly got changed, the memories from last night haunting me. I stepped out side, nobody was in the hallway, so I continued down to the bathroom to brush my teeth. After brushing my teeth, I headed back to my room to put my toothbrush and toothpaste away. I hated the fact that I would have to see him at breakfast and how scared he made me. Harry will be there and that at least gave me some peace of mind. //



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