Committing A Crime

Katelyn was planning other christmas alone, committing was a problem she always had but she hadn't thought it would be a problem this time she was in love after all. But as she boarded the plane that would take her back home to her lonely hotel room that she meet someone she hadn't expected, Mr Harry Styles. Can he change her Christmas for the better?


2. Open arms


Harry hardly left my side though customs, only disappearing to say goodbye to the other boys as they wouldn't see each other for a few days. A car was waiting for him, the Driver was surprised to see me but said nothing. The car ride was uneventful as both me and Harry were really tired from traveling. We arrived at his little home in Holmes Chapel, Cheshire just after 5pm. The town was small compared to London, most of the buildings were made out of brick it wasn't sight you'd see in New York very often or at all, I had missed the old buildings and just the feel of the place, the cold nip of the british air and the voices of people around you and their strong british accents making everything sound like home. My luggage was carried in by Harry followed by my protests but he ignored them. His luggage was being dropped of at his apartment in London. Harry's mum pulled us off the street with open arms, crying and hugging Harry like he had just come back from war and inviting me in like I was family. After about two minutes was had progress no further into the house than the front step did Harry pull away from his mum, blushing and mumbling something about spare room and trudged off to some part of his house with my luggage leaving me alone with his family. "Come in, come in we were just starting dinner." //

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