Committing A Crime

Katelyn was planning other christmas alone, committing was a problem she always had but she hadn't thought it would be a problem this time she was in love after all. But as she boarded the plane that would take her back home to her lonely hotel room that she meet someone she hadn't expected, Mr Harry Styles. Can he change her Christmas for the better?


6. Breakfast

The smug smile of Ben's face as I entered the kitchen made me shudder in horror. Harry caught my eye from across the room, he smiled and I could feel the tension drain from my body, Ben wouldn't do anything when Harry was there. I smiled shyly at Harry and made my was over to him. "Morning" Harry mumbled handing me a cup of tea. "How did you sleep?" Anne asked flashing me a great big white smile. "Like a baby" I replied lying my face off, I was so scared that Ben was going to brake down my door that I was up half the night and then woke up at five because of the jet lag but the was no way I was going to tell Anne that. "The cars going to be here in an hour" Harry said and it took me a moment that it was a car to take us back to London. "Do you really have to go?" Anne asked "Mum don't make this any harder, I'm only here for a week before I go back on tour, I'll be back for New Years day" Harry said avoiding looking his mum in the eyes for she was using the puppy dog look. "Couldn't you come back for New Years eve?" Anne asked "I already told you, I have plans for New Years Eve, but I promise to be back for New Years dinner at the latest" Harry said hugging his mum, Annie's frown melted at her sons touch. "Okay but don't be late I'm making Toad in the hole for dinner" Anne mumbled "You know I will never be late if dinners going to be toad in the hole" Harry said pulling slightly away from Anne. I wonder what it would be like to have a mother, mine died when I was five and my father raised me until I was ten then left me on my own with my uncle and aunt. Not they weren't great parents to me but my aunt just wasn't my mum and my uncle wasn't my dad. "Harry why don't you help Katie carry her bags to the door" Anne said pushing Harry towards me a bit. "Sure but the cars not coming for-" But Anne interrupted him. "Just do what I say Harry" She snapped pushing us both towards the door. When we were out of hearing range of Anne Harry apologies about her. "She's a little controlling some times" Harry mumbled a little embarrassed. "You don't have to make excuses, at lest you have a mother" I replied but it just made Harry look even more guilty. "Sorry I forgot" He mutter looking down at his hands. "You don't have to apologies, It was a long time ago" I said placing a hand on Harry's arm. Harry cleared his throat and pointed to the stairs. "We probably should do as she says" He mumbled, I noticed his eyes was locked on my hand that was still on his arm. I removed it from his arm, blushing slightly. "After you." //










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