Committing A Crime

Katelyn was planning other christmas alone, committing was a problem she always had but she hadn't thought it would be a problem this time she was in love after all. But as she boarded the plane that would take her back home to her lonely hotel room that she meet someone she hadn't expected, Mr Harry Styles. Can he change her Christmas for the better?


1. A Piece of Hope

Christmas was finally here, snow was settling one the ground and any surface it could reach. Pure white covered the trees and yellowish mush cover the paths. The bitter cold air bit at your skin and pierced your lungs with every intake. The smell of Christmas hung in the air, sinking into clothes and sticking to peoples skin. Pine trees, hams and cherry sauce, too many chocolates to count and presents underneath the Christmas tree. The warm embrace of family, coworkers and lovers. But here I sit alone on Christmas eva, in a brightly lit airport surrounded by strangers rushing to see loved ones nobody noticing the lonely girl in the Starbucks window or if they did they paid no mind to her. And where should i be on Christmas eva? Having a celebratory glass of wine with my future husband at home next to the Christmas tree because there was nowhere else for me too go, not on this special night, no one else to celebrate with, give presents not for a long time. You see I left my friends in to London to move to America with my boyfriend. My parents long past away. This was like many Christmas's in my life. I wasn't disappointed or hardly shocked. I was very happy actually have some where warm to be and things to eat. As I watched strangers streaming by I heard the clock strike 12 and the crowd cheered and embraced loved ones and strangers alike. It was only then did I pick up my bags and leave the comfort of my chair. Hoping that the plane ride was at lest a decent one. //


I sat down in my seat and stared out of the window. If I looked closed enough I would see two panes of glass between me and outside. Even through the darkness I could see people moving about below, taking things out of the hanger bay and putting luggage and other stuff in. "Excuse me, do you mind if i take that seat?" A man asked, i could see out the corner of my eye the women in the isle seat at the end of my row stand up so the man could sit down next to me. There goes my chance to spread out during this flight. I felt the chair dip beside me and the click of the seatbelt. "Hiya, I'm Harry" The man said sticking out his hand in front of my face. "And I'm not in the mood" I say refusing the man's hand but as i take in his full appearance i notice that his is no older than me maybe even younger. "How can you not be in the mood it's Christmas" He cried clearly joking. I decided to just ignore him as i didn't have a response and hoping that he'll just shut up or go away. "So I'll have to do all the talking, fine by me" He said trying to trick me into talking, it wasn't working. "I was in first class but they over booked, so I offered to come to coach, you always meet the coolest people in coach" This Harry rambled already he was getting on my nerves but I was curious. Curiosity killed the cat and it might just kill me. "If you could sit anywhere why sit here and annoy me?" I asked turning to face him for the first time since he talked. The first thing i notice was his smile, half cheeky half smirk. Then his mop of curly brown hair that looked styled and of course his green eyes, some might say that sparkled in the half light of the cabin. This was none other than Mr Harry Styles from One Direction. "Katelyn right?" He asked obviously recognising me. "Kate" I corrected "Katie" He said smiling at me again. "You didn't answer my question" I stated ignoring the nickname he gave me. "I saw you before and wanted to talk to you, I'm a fan" He said shrugging his shoulders. His dimples making him look adorably annoying. "what are you doing on a plane to London on Christmas?" He asked "I could ask you the same question, and its none of your business like its none of mine what you are doing on this very plane!" I said closing up, my walls suddenly ten feet tall and covered in barbed wire, maybe electric too. "It was just a question" He said holding his hands up in a what's it called...? Lets just say 'Put Your Hands Up Now' sort of way. "I'm sorry, i was being a bitch, me and my fiancé just broke up and well...I don't have any friends in New York so I'm flying home"I said just as the plane started backing slowly out on to the runway. "Do you have anybody in London to spend Christmas with?" He asked as if he could read my mind. "I-I...No" I admitted blushing slightly, embarrassed. "You could join me, if you know you wanted, you don't have to but-" I could see that he was suddenly nervous as if asking me to join him for Christmas was such a nerve-racking thing to do. "I would like that" I mumbled smiling at Harry for the first time since he first spoke to me. "You should do that more often" He said "What? Go to strangers houses?" I asked making him chuckle. "No, Smile" He muttered, their conversation was interrupted by the pilot, informing them about their flight. "...And I hope you all have a Very Merry Christmas!" The Pilot said and for the first time ever I believed I might just have a Very Merry Christmas. //                                                                                                      

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