I can't be everything you expect me to be

"Why can't you be a bit more like your brother?!"
"Why can't she be my daughter?!"
"I have better friends than you!"
We hear this so many times in our life. Friends, family, even your own parents say that to you once in a while. They expect us to be just as they like. But we can't. And it's our flaws that makes us perfect. Because then we are different. No, unique. And that's what God created us to be.


1. The Poem

I can't be everything you expect me to be


I don't feel strong, but I'm not weak

I will always perfection seek

I'm not cute, I'm not smart

And your words will break my heart

All this hate, I can't bear it

And my life? I just want to quit


But you know what? I found love

It came down to me from above

So don't even say a word, not even a bit

Or my heart will suicide commit

My heart has gotten strong, and you can't forget

All the things you said and now you just regret

In your heart, I planted a knife

And you are now gone out of my life


Stay strong out there<3

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