Short one direction imagines (clean). Enjoy!


6. Still the One

You were sitting watching tv, flipping through your scrapbook of last summer. You smiled at the pictures of your friends at the beach, at the carnival, all of your memories. But you stopped at one picture. You were standing hand in hand with your ex-boyfriend Harry. He had surprised you with a picnic dinner. You had to swallow back your tears now, it seemed just like yesterday that you and Harry were dating. But now, he was off, busy with his career. You still missed him now, you had never gotten over his green eyes and messy brown curls, and frankly, you never planned to. Harry Styled was the best thing that had ever happened to you. Right now, you sat thinking, wondering if he still remembered who you were. Harry had never really broken your heart. He just had to leave you because of his touring with his band. You understood perfectly, knowing that he was happy where he was, singing his heart out for the world. He had told you that last night before he left, "Lauren, I'm gonna come back home. To be with you, okay?" You weakly smiled at the memory. Although, it was getting late, you decided to check twitter. You took a chance and looked up Harry online. You wondered what that kid was doing these days. Suddenly, you see a headline that catches your eye. "TAYLOR SWIFT AND HARRY STYLES: DATING?" Although this article was a couple weeks old, you read about how Harry had been seen with Taylor at a zoo. Pictures flashed of them holding hands, walking out of Taylor's hotel. You were kind of shocked. But you decided to ignore it. All that Haylor stuff was probably a publicity stunt. But then you saw a video that was titled, "Harry Styles and Taylor Swift kissing." That just about did it. You clicked the video. And now you were very shocked. It had happened just last night, New Years' Eve, and your lovely Harry was kissing Taylor. Now, your heart had been broken. You couldn't stand it. You shut off your laptop and laid in bed. How could you have been so stupid? Why would Harry Styles still be in love with you? He was a celebrity and you were just a part of his past. A piece of his million-dollar puzzle. Weeks past by, and thankfully, Harry rarely crossed your mind. You continued on with your normal everyday life without letting him ruin it. But one day after work, you got home, completely exhausted. You checked Facebook and Twitter just as you normally did. But another article caught your eye. This time it read, "HARRY STYLES HEARTBROKEN." You were immediately intrigued. If that Taylor so much as broke your Harry's heart....Sure enough, Taylor had been seen kissing another guy, and so Haylor was over. Pictures of Harry walking around town solo were all over the internet. However, he didn't look like he had just been through a heartbreak. His eyes weren't red and puffy from crying like they had been when he had left you. Geez, this kid must be getting really good at his whole image thing because that was not a heartbroken Harry on your computer screen. You looked at the pictures a bit more closely. "Hey," you said to yourself, "I recognize that place." Sure enough, Harry was sanding next to a little cafe just down the street a couple of blocks. "That means...Harry's back!" You excitedly grabbed your coat and headed towards the door. Right as you opened it, you nearly bumped into someone standing right outside it. "Harry!?" his face lit up as you said his name. "What are you doing here?" "I'm here to find you." You blushed a little, and said, "Well, come on in, Harry. Can I get you something to drink?" Harry shook his head as he entered and sat at the counter in your kitchen. "So..." you say, "I've seen you've been a little busy lately." Harry looked right at you, with a dark look. "Okay, don't give me that Lauren. I know you're mad at me for going out with Taylor." You roll your eyes and look down, saying, "You know that's right." "Well it's not exactly my fault that we got together! She's the one who wanted it!" "Harry, I don't want to hear why you dated her. What I want to know is why you two broke up. Taylor cheating on you? I don't buy it. She's not the cheating type. And frankly, neither are you." "Fine, if you want to know why we broke up...then I'll tell you why." Harry took a deep breath and looked into your eyes. "Lauren, Taylor started to get mad at me because my mind was always somewhere else. I always had this other girl on my mind.." You raised your eyebrow at him. Wow, Harry. So much for coming back and loving you. You said, "Who is this girl?" "Well, I had known her long before Taylor. And I had promised her I would see her again, but you know what, tie slipped away. And soon enough, I was being forced into this ridiculous publicity stunt with Taylor. I couldn't stand it. Sure we might've had a couple of fun nights, but I just wanted out. So breaking up with Taylor gave me my freedom." "So what are you doing at my place?" you asked him in a harsh tone. He looked slightly taken aback at your tone, but he eventually said, "I need some of your advice."  Advice? Harry came all the way to your place for advice? "Harry, I'm getting kind of frustrated right now. After all we've been through, you're just gonna waltz on in and ask for advice." "Please, Lauren..." "Fine, Harry! Tell that girl you love her! Do whatever the heck you want withe her. Because right now, she's not my problem! Okay? So stop wasting your time here and go find your little princess." Harry quietly got up, as if he didn't want to set off your temper again and walked out the door without saying a word. Seconds later, your doorbell rang. Walking to the front door angrily, you opened up the door, only to see Harry standing there again. Confusion hit your face. But Harry just looked at you and said, "Lauren, I love you." "Uh..Harry, I thought you just went looking for that girl of yours." Harry's big hands wrapped around your waist as you stood there in utter confusion. And he whispered in your ear, "And I found her." You gazed into his brilliant green eyes, "Harry...?" "Lauren, I love you. And I was stupid for leaving you. But every second that I was gone, I realized how much I needed you to survive. I realized that you're still the one who held my heart. And its never going to change." You smiled at Harry's words and said, "Good, because for a moment there I thought that my Harry was letting me down." You gave him a pouty face as he gently kissed your nose, "I will never let you down." Then Harry instantly smashed his lips onto yours with his hands on your back, while your fingers played with his hair. Finally, he pulled away, leaving you breathless when he said, "I love you."
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