Short one direction imagines (clean). Enjoy!


4. Little Things

It was Saturday, and you were sitting at home on your laptop alone because your boyfriend Liam had been gone on tour for about three months now. You two had promised each other that you would Skype at exactly 8:00 tonight. But for some reason, Liam wasn't online to connect through Skype. You were very upset because Liam always kept his promises, but lately he's been in very little contact with you and you were starting to become concerned. Because you were in a low mood, you walked to the kitchen to grab a bowl of rämen noodles, as it was your comfort food. While walking back to your bedroom, your cell phone starting to ring. You quickly answered it. "Hello?" you said. And a familiar voice said, "Y/N! How are you?" It was Niall. You smiled as his Irish accent rang through the phone. "I'm great, Niall! How are you?" "Oh I'm doing just fine," he said carelessly. " what did you want to talk about?" You asked. Niall immediately responded, "Oh right that...well the thing is. Liam's been very upset lately, he seems nearly depressed." "Oh no! Is there anything I can do to help?" you nervously ask. "Should I fly over? Where are you guys —" Niall then butted in saying, "Well that's just the thing, Y/N. We haven't seen Liam in hours. We've heard nothing from him all day. It seems like he just disappeared." You were speechless. Where could your boyfriend Liam be? You finally choked out, "Niall, when did you last see him?" Niall sighed heavily and said, "Well actually  I can't remember the last time I saw him, but I remember last night, he was on the phone. I know I shouldn't have been eavesdropping, but I couldn't help it. I remember him saying, 'Yeah I'll meet you there. Don't worry, I'll be there.' " You were completely perplexed at this so you asked Niall, "Do you know who he was taking to?" Niall hesitated somewhat and finally replied, "I'm pretty sure he was on the phone with Julia....I'm so sorry Y/N. but I've got to go, so if you need to talk just call." And with that Niall hung up. You were numb from the shocking news as you made your way to your room. Julia. Julia White. Did you hate that girl or what. She was Liam's ex girlfriend, who was as thin as a toothpick with a picture perfect face that was plastered over many catalogs as she was a very successful model. You hated her, not just because of her perfectness which really annoyed you, but because she tore Liam's heart right out. So why was Liam now agreeing to meet up with her? The pieces fit together and it appeared that Liam was cheating on you. You suddenly burst into tears. You couldn't believe that Liam could do such a thing to you. As you lay down on your bed, memories flooded your thoughts. —flashback— You and Liam were holding hands as you walked to the park where you were going to have your first picnic of the summer. After you both had finished eating, Liam looked you in the eye and slowly said, "Y/N, you're perfect to me. Don't let anyone tell you anything different." You blushed crimson while Liam gently kissed you on your cheek. —end of flashback— You came back to reality, painful, dark, and heartbreaking reality. Suddenly, you had the urge to call Liam to see if this all could've been a fraud. After you dialed his number, it went straight to voicemail. His recorded voice sounded so close as it said, "Hey it's Liam. Sorry, I couldn't get to the phone, so leave me a message and I'll get back to you as soon as possible. Have a good one! Oh, and PS, if it's Y/N calling, I love you babe." You hung up because it was just too much for you to bear. You thought about how Liam would always say that he would always be there for you because your hand fit in his so perfectly. And he would always play around with you, counting the many freckles on your cheeks, saying that they were all the kisses he had given you. You remembered how embarrassed you were when you would hear your voice on tape, when all he would say was, "It's the voice of an angel. My angel." You remembered how he would tease you because you would always fall asleep in his arms while drinking your tea. And you remembered how he would catch your eye, making you instantly smile, while he quickly leaned in to kiss your smiling lips. And you remembered how he said that everything always made sense when he was with you. But now, nothing made any sense at all. How could he? You thought he loved you. You trusted him. More than anyone else in the world. Suddenly, the door to your room opened. And someone very familiar walked in. "Liam?!?" You practically leaped into his arms but then a second later, you pulled back, hesitating. "What's wrong, Y/N?" Liam sincerely asked you. You stumbled for words but you finally managed, "Why are you here? I thought....I thought..." "What?" "I thought you were cheating on me with Julia!" Liam was shocked at your words, and utterly confused. "Why...? Why would you think that?" Liam asked. You looked away from Liam, feeling a little guilty. "Well, Niall said you were on the phone with her last night. And that you were gonna meet up with her  tonight....." You paused but then looked up to Liam in desperation. "I'm so sorry Liam. Everything just looked suspicious!" Liam relaxed a little as he walked a bit closer to you. "Okay, I see where you got the idea....but listen. I didn't Skype with you tonight because I was flying on a plane to come here to be with you. I called Julia wondering if she could pick me up from the airport, nothing more I promise. I wanted to surprise you, because I know that you've been very stressed lately." Your expression softened as you realized Liam was completely honest. You instantly hugged him tightly, feeling guilty for accusing him of stooping so low. Liam looked you right in the eyes and said, "Remember all the times when I said we were perfect for each other?" "Yes. You said it was our hands fit together perfectly." "And all the times I counted your freckles?" "753!" you both started to laugh. "Do you remember all the funny videos we made?" "Of course I do," you smiled. "That's right. I'll remember all those too. Because every one of those little things in our relationship is what defines us. And I never want to take away any one of those precious moments, because I cherish them too much. But more importantly, I cherish them because —" You knew exactly what he was about to say so you shut him up with a kiss. Soon, you pulled away and whispered, "I love you Liam," and kissed him again.
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