Short one direction imagines (clean). Enjoy!


2. Last First Kiss

"Alright, Nialler...I'll see you later. Love you!" You hung up your phone after Niall had just asked you out tonight for a nice fancy dinner. Excitedly, you left your house to go shopping for a new dress for tonight.  You drove into town and went to your favorite stores. It was 3 o'clock by the time you had found the perfect dress and Niall wanted to go out at 6. You were walking down the street and you noticed a cute couple holding hands as walking into a jewelry shop. Obviously, they were picking out an engagement ring. You stopped in your tracks, and thought about Niall. He was always saying how he would love you forever. But you wondered, how much longer were you and Niall going to be an item? Of course you wanted to marry him, but you both were young and reckless and didn't know a thing about the world. You kept walking to your house with your thoughts swimming in your head. Once you got to your house, you threw open the door and ran upstairs to get yourself ready. After taking a quick shower, you applied your makeup and curled your hair. You had to admit, you looked beautiful. You slipped on the dress you got, and put on the pair of heels you purchased. Soon enough it was 5:30, and you waited for Niall to arrive. The doorbell rang, so you excitedly went down and opened the door. Niall's jaw dropped as he laid his eyes on you. "Wow. You look....absolutely...flawless tonight, babe." He gave you a kiss on the cheek and he took your arm and guided you to the car. You arrived at the restaurant right at 6 and were seated for your reservation. Niall just looked into your eyes and said, "You look stunning tonight." You felt your cheeks burn as you said, "You've already told me Niall..." "That's 'cause it's true," he smiled. Once you finished your meal, Niall payed and left a substantial tip for the waitress. He offered to talk a walk along the near by bridge. You were delighted at the idea. As you two walked, you held his hand tightly while you briefly talked. The sun was slowing sinking in the summer sky, when Niall suddenly turned to face you. He looked kind of serious but you looked at him earnestly. You noticed how blue his eyes were. Niall then said, "Baby, I want to know. I wanna know how you feel about our relationship right now...I mean we've been going on strong for a while now...but lately...." Your heart was beating so hard, you thought it would rip out of your chest. And here comes the moment of truth. You knew it. You knew that you and Niall wouldn't be able to last much longer. And now he's breaking up with you. Tonight's dinner was only to lighten up the load, not make is seem so bad. Tears started to form in your eyes. You looked at Niall as he got down on one knee. "Baby, I've been thinking for a while. I want to be your last. Your last first kiss. I want to be the one who will be with you forever. The one who will love you forever. So, will you marry me?" he sweetly asked as he opened up a tiny ring box. You smiled as tears of joy streamed down your face, saying, "Yes, Niall. A million times, yes!" He stood up, and picked you up in a hug and spun you around. He gently kissed your nose as he slipped the magnificent ring ion your left ring finger. You watched it sparkle and you looked at Niall. "Niall, I love you so much." "I love you too, babe. And I want you to know that." "Of course I know. My heart is forever yours. Because you are my last first kiss." You said before he crashed his lips against yours, making you smile because today was the happiest day of your life.
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