Short one direction imagines (clean). Enjoy!


5. Heart Attack

Harry was going to pick you up at 4 o'clock tonight because tonight was the annual Grammy Awards. You were scrambling to put on your finishing touches of makeup and curling your hair before he came. As you slipped on the classic Gucci dress, he bought for you, you hesitated. It was about two weeks ago that you found out that Harry had cheated on you, but you forgave him and gave him another chance. Now you started to worry that you might've forgiven him too quickly. What if Harry was still cheating on you? Lately, he did seem a bit mysterious...he would never say where he was going at night, and he rarely spent time with you anymore. Your thoughts were interrupted when the doorbell rang. So you pushed aside your thoughts and ran to the door, only to find Harry standing there with a bouquet of roses and his tux. Harry looked remarkable. "Grace," he said sweetly, "You look absolutely gorgeous tonight." Your cheeks burned red as you let him in. You told him you would be ready in a minute so you dashed back upstairs to finish up. You smiled to yourself thinking how Harry still charmed you every time, and you made up your mind to never doubt his honesty again. Why would Harry be cheating on you now? As you returned downstairs, Harry took your arm and led you outside to the limo. When he opened the door for you, you saw many familiar faces. It was Louis with Eleanor, Liam with Danielle, Niall with some other girl you didn't know, and Zayn all by himself. Recently, Zayn had broken up with Perrie, and for the last couple of days, he seemed very glum and depressed. But when you climbed into the car, his eyes lit up, which kind of surprised you. For the entire drive there, Harry was holding your hand, and squeezing it every once in a while just to play with you. But you were slightly uncomfortable because Zayn kept glancing at you with almost a jealous look. Finally, you arrived and Harry helped you out of the limo, while all the paparazzi was flashing their cameras at you. Harry guided you inside to get away from the press and preceded to the awards.

— several hours later —

After the Grammys, the boys had decided to go the bar, so as you walked in, Harry just left you, as he said, "I'll be right back, babe. I've got someone I want to meet." "Okay," you happily say, because you were in a good mood. Besides, you kind of wanted to talk to Zayn to see what was up with him tonight. So you took a seat by yourself after you ordered your drink and waited til Harry returned. But after about an hour, Harry still hadn't come back. You started to get concerned, so you began to walk around the place to see if you could find him. Once you searched just about the entire place, you started to believe that Harry just dumped you here so that he could do whatever he wanted. As you turned around to leave, you realized that Harry could be outside. So you stepped out the door and walked to the back of the bar. Although it was dark outside, you could just barely see to people who were standing back there. But you recognized the tall one with the curly hair. "Harry!" You were shocked and terrified, and disappointed all at the same time. Harry instantly backed away from the other person, who happened to be Leah, the girl he had been cheating on you with. "Grace, I can explain," Harry said, with a hint of guilt in his voice. "No you can't." You cried. "I'm very disappointed in you, Harry Styles. You should be ashamed of yourself!" You turned around and ran to get back into the bar to meet the other boys, as Harry called your name, though he made no attempt to come after you. As you turned the corner, you ran into somebody, nearing knocking you over. But two strong hands caught you before you fell. "I've, got you, Grace. Don't worry." Wait. You recognized this voice. "Zayn?!" "Come on, let's go back inside. There is some explaining to do." You followed Zayn back into the bar and took a seat at a table for two. Your face was still tear-streaked but you didn't care. You wanted to know what was going on. Once Zayn sat down, you fired your first question, "Did you know that Harry has been cheating on me...again?!" Zayn took a deep breath and simply nodded. "But why didn't you tell me?" Zayn briefly looked away, and when he looked back at you, you couldn't help but notice his brown eyes and how stunning they were. "I couldn't tell you because of management. If the fans found out that Harry was cheating on you, frankly we would have a big mess on our hands. Nobody would want to come to our tour this summer, and it would ruin Harry's reputation." You wanted to believe Zayn, but his answer just doesn't make sense. If they were trying to keep up Harry's good rep, why would he cheat on you in the first place? You were kind of hoping Zayn had more to his explanation. Zayn saw the look of doubt in your eyes, and he said, "Fine. That's not the real reason why I didn't tell you about Harry cheating." "Zayn..." you said as he looked away. He then turned his head to look you right in the eye, and said, "Grace, the real reason is that I didnt want to see you unhappy, because I love you." Now this was just too much for you to handle all in one night. You were confused at Zayn's confession. Maybe you just had too much to drink tonight. But then Zayn continued, saying, "Perrie and I broke up because she noticed how much I cared for you. She would always catch me sneaking glances at you when you weren't looking, and I guess it wasn't fair to Perrie. Every time I saw you with Harry, it just didn't feel right to me. I never thought it would hurt so bad, seeing you with him...but it did. 'Cause you were all I ever wanted, and I just wanted you to see that." Zayn looked into your eyes with longing, hoping you would understand him. And you decided to give him a shot, realizing how honest he was. "Zayn..." your voice trailed off, because you didn't know what to say. But he cut you off, "Grace, please." Zayn leaned over and kissed you. And for the moment, every bit of drama vanished from your mind, and you felt happy. As he pulled away, he looked right into your eyes and asked, "Grace, will you please be my girlfriend?" You smile as you replied, "Of course I will." Zayn grabbed your hand and led you outside to his car while you said jokingly, "With all the drama I've been through tonight, you would've thought I died from a heart attack." Suddenly, Zayn pulled you in close and whispered, "No.  I'm the one with the heart attack, because you're finally mine," as he quickly kissed you on the forehead.
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