Short one direction imagines (clean). Enjoy!


1. Over Again

You were exhausted. You were just putting your two kids to bed. Today had been a long day. Plus, your husband Louis has been gone on tour for a month now, putting all the pressure on you to raise your family single-handedly. You knew that he cared for you, but sometimes it seemed that he was abandoning you. He would try to call you every night, telling you how much he loved you and the kids...but now, it just wasn't the same as before. You and Louis weren't the adorable couple anymore. You seemed to be falling apart. Stress was written all over your face as you saw Louis walk in through the front door. "Hey, babe. How were the kids today?" You timidly smiled and said, "They missed you, lots." He smiled as he gave you a hug and walked into your four-year-old daughter's room. She was peacefully sleeping in her bed with her eyelids fluttering. Louis smiled and walked into your son's room. He was still awake in his crib, so Louis walked over to him and picked him up. Your son instantly lit up at the recognition of his father. You decided to give them some time, so you walked out and headed to the kitchen to make some tea. Soon enough, Louis walked into the kitchen as well. "So," he said, "How has my Lucy been doing?" You looked into his eyes and sighed. "Louis, I don't know. I guess I'm just..." "No, I know, darling. Its been a long couple of months. Lets just take it slow, shall we?" He gently kissed your forehead and he turned to leave.  But then he snapped back around and said, "Lucy, how does tomorrow night sound? Just me and you?" You smiled at the idea, "I'd love it, Louis." That night you went to bed late and woke up early, due to your son crying at 6 A.M. Louis must've already left because he had a cup of coffee ready for you with a little note that said, "Good morning, love. Can't wait to spend the evening with you tonight. Give the kids hugs and kisses for me. xx Louis." You smiled at the fact that Louis went through all the trouble. Normally, he wouldn't have bothered, even after he's been gone for a while. On a typical day, he would sleep in, and be late for work, not thinking to help you with the kids. So what was up with Louis lately? You decided to just waste the day until it was time for you to get ready. Soon enough, you were curling your hair and putting on your makeup and slipping into one of your old dresses. The doorbell rang and you let in the babysitter. Shortly, Louis pulled up in his sleek new car and he came up to thee front door to pick you up. You laughed as he took your arm, just as he had done on your first date. He looked back at the kids and shouted, "Good night kiddos! Now you two behave yourselves alright?" The kids giggled and waved as you shut the door behind you. Louis drove you to your favorite restaurant, bringing back old memories. When you were seated, you started to discuss how things were going, with his band and all. "Yeah, with this new album, I think we're gonna do another world tour that'll last a couple months." You looked down at your food, you hated when Louis left for touring, but you knew that that was his job. "Hey," he lifted your chin, "Is everything alright?" Tears started to form in your eyes when you looked at Louis and said, "Its just that...all this tonight. It reminds me of old times, when we were young and reckless, and stupidly in love. And you know what, sometimes, I have to wonder if you—" "Miss that," he cut in. "I miss that. Terribly." You couldn't believe what you were hearing. "Lucy, I want us to start all over again. Because I know that lately, things between you and I haven't been going great. Its like we've been falling apart. And I don't want that to happen to us. Because you are the one, the perfect one and no one is ever gonna change that fact." By now you were smiling as silent tears of joy dripped down your face. Louis tucked a strand of your hair behind your ear, saying, "Lucy...I love you," as he crashed his lips onto yours. After a while, he pulled away and looked you in the eye.  You smiled at him and said, "Louis, I love you," while you kissed him one more time. 
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