The Unofficial Poetry Awards

Poetry. A way of conveying your emotions. A beautiful waterfall of words cascading down the page. A tidal wave of feelings and emotions. Poetry is many things, but most of all, it is a work of art. There is a lot of beautiful undiscovered poetry on this website. And a lot of readers like reading poetry. So we would like to present to you The Unofficial Poetry Awards. If you're looking for a bit of poetry to be recognised, or looking for poems to read, this Movella is the place to look.


5. Ocean Beauty- Love2write

Ocean Beauty- Love2write

This poem is particularly interesting, because it has an element of nostalgia in it. When I read it, it took me back to when I was holidaying with my family, at the beach, swimming in the sea. It's a very descriptive poem with vivid detail added to it. I wish Love2write good luck in the competition.


Read&Reviewed by: CrazyCatChloë xx

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