The Unofficial Poetry Awards

Poetry. A way of conveying your emotions. A beautiful waterfall of words cascading down the page. A tidal wave of feelings and emotions. Poetry is many things, but most of all, it is a work of art. There is a lot of beautiful undiscovered poetry on this website. And a lot of readers like reading poetry. So we would like to present to you The Unofficial Poetry Awards. If you're looking for a bit of poetry to be recognised, or looking for poems to read, this Movella is the place to look.


21. I Can Run With the Wolves - roxy

I Can Run With the Wolves - roxy

Self belief is something every seems to struggle with nowadays, especially me. Whether it's because your writing isn't good enough, or you aren't going to pass your exams etc. This poem tackles that lack of belief in the common individual. The returning phrase 'I can' remind the reader of the things they personally can do. And really boosts their self confidence. So not only is this a nicely written poem with some magical lines, 'I can dance in the night' for example, but also this tackles a huge dilemma that a lot of us seem to have today. 

Read&Reviewed by WriterMan

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