I Never Knew I Loved You

Jess Is a 15 Year Old Musician. She Used To Be Bestfriends with the guys of 1D, until the went away for xFactor. When Her old crush, Niall returns home, Can she finally have her dreams come true> Or Has Niall.. Changed?


1. Memories

Jess's P.O.V:

Dear Niall,

I heard you and the lads got third place on the x factor. congrats! i miss you, and i hope you come home soon! There's SOO much i need to say to you.

Love, Jess.

    My name is Jess. I used to know Niall. Me and Niall were like, Bestfriends, that is until he moved to be with his band, "1D" Yeah, I supported Niall, but it was really hard to say goodbye to him. We skyped whenever we could. and then it slowed at a year and a half later, and then we stopped. Completely. Im pretty sure Niall forgot about me. But whatever. Maybe my letter would remind him. i papercliped a photo of me and Niall when we were in 1st grade to the letter. on the back it had our sloppy first grade writing."I lousz u jesz" It read. Niall wasnt very good at spelling. Even back then. I put it in the addressed envolope and stuck a stamp on it. I just hope niall remembers me. I just hope.

Nialls P.O.V: 

Today me and the lads were just reading through fan mail, it was such a relief to see that we even had some after not even winning the xFactor. So far, Hazza had the most fan mail. Of course. The girls LOVE Harry. I guess I started to dream about all the fans, because the next thing i knew, Liam shook my shoulder. "Niall, another peice of mail." I smiled. It was nice to get mail from fans. i looked at who it was from. " Jessica Drew" It read. seems like a pretty name. I excitedly tore open the Envolope. "Jesus Niall, slow down" Harry laughed. " its not like you got mail from Taylor Swift.. but i did!" He grinned. i finished pulling out the contents of the letter. It had a picture of me and some girl on it. I  assumed it was this Jessica girl. i flipped over the picture."I lousz u jesz. lous, Niall." i read the letter. but only one part stood out to me. " I hope you come home soon." Did i know this girl? i decided to show this one to the guys. I showed them a picture, and  they had answers faster than i could finish my thoughts."Maybe the picture was photoshopped." Harry guessed."And maybe she has a little sibling she asked to write it." Liam shrugged. "and maybe she was just another crazy fan girl." Zayn assumed. " but i think she's right." i whispered under my breath. I had a weird feeling to save this letter. I dont know what it meant. but i had to find out.

Jess's  P. O. V:

Only three days until Niall returns to Ireland. I cant wait. remembering the fact that Niall lived down the street to me, I blushed. I would see him sooner that expected. I  worked my way to class. the day was almost over. and i would wait until then to even THINK about Niall. ( WOAH? AM I CRUSHING? ) Until then, i had work to do. Schhol related. and Not school related.

Niall's  P. O. V.:

I dreamed about her. Yeah, her. I dreamed about her brown hair that flows, and her green eyes that glows. ( I dont even know her and i think she's beautiful.) And i just had to find her. Somehow. But im going back to Ireland in three days, Not that i wouldnt miss the U.K, I totally would, I was just excited to see my family. And to find Her. I grabbed the  envolope that contained her letter and a photo. Jessica Drew 7135 est 119 dr. Mullingar County Westmeath, Ireland.  She was from the same place as me. Woah.  And we had the same street. Maybe i did know her. Maybe an old friend. or possibly, and old girlfriend((;


Jess's P. O. V :

ILL SEE NIALL TOMORROW!! I cant wait! Maybe he'll remember me. And we'll get back to joking around like we used to. Gosh, i really miss him. But, since its one in the morning, I think ill go to sleep.


Niall's P.O.V:

Im finally home. one the way to my house, i'd have to pass that adress in the letter. so i might as well stop by. I pulled up in the house's driveway and knocked on the door. this house looked so familiar. A girl about my age opened the door. "Umm.. Hello?" She asked biting her lip. I think i zoned out a bit thinking about her beauty. "Are you Jess?" She grinned. I finally found her. If only i knew who she was. " Come on in." she said grinning. she pulled out a chair and motioned for me to sit down. once more. this was so familiar.. she began talking. " I was so worried you wouldnt remember me. " She said. "Actually, i dont." i shrugged. A disappointed look spred across her face. " Niall, You really dont remember me?" I smiled. "I honestly dont, but can you refresh my memory?"  She stood up,  went and fished something out of a drawer and returned. it was a necklace. " You made this for me when we were five." she flipped over the necklace and on the back it said "N+J"  "WAIT! I REMEMBER THAT!" I smiled and pulled my wallet out of my pants pocket. i flipped it open and pulled out a picture my Mum had given to me before i left for xFactor. " She said my best friend gave it to me." i handed the photo to Jess and she smiled. "Thats the one." i looked into her eyes. i recognized those eyes. "Jessica Marie Drew." I whispered. "Yes Niall, its me."

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