Three Words

This is a love story about a young girl called Lexi and is introduced to One Direction by her best friend Louis Tomlinson. But little did she know she found her self in deep love with Harry Styles.


12. You Remember

I was asleep for the whole flight then I felt a slight nudge. "Lexi wake up" I heard Harry whisper to me. "Huh?" I was still half asleep. "The flight is about to land" I woke up and turned to look at Harry. "Oh" I sat up in my seat and held Harry's hand tight. "I hate landing" Harry said laughing. "I love it, it's kind of fun" After saying that Harry turned away laughing. The plane was about to hit the ground and I could feel Harry squeeze my hand. Then the plane landed. "Are you okay Harry?" I asked him trying not to laugh. "Yes.." He said looking down smiling. Me and Harry stood up and walked off the plane. When I stepped out of the plane, I was in New York, it was around eight at night so I was starving. Me and Harry held hands to the luggage pick up.

Me and Harry had our luggage and was guided by security to the exit. There was a taxi waiting for us so me and Harry quickly got in. "You hungry yet?" Harry asked. "Yeah" 

"Well when we get to the hotel, we can get freshened up then get some food." for the rest of the taxi ride I just sat snuggled into Harry's chest with his arm around me. Before I knew it we were at the hotel, we got out of the taxi and payed the driver. We got our bags and walked into the hotel. It was so fancy inside, while I was technically checking out the hotel Harry booked our room. He grabbed my hand and this lady guided us to our room. We got in the room and shut the door. Harry walked up to me and wrapped his arms around me, I looked up at him and kissed his lips. I walked over to the bathroom and went to the toilet. I walked over then to the mirror and gave my face a little wash. I walked out of the bathroom and saw Harry watching T.V. I grabbed my suitcase and walked into this mini walk in wardrobe. I changed into this blue strapless dress, above the knee. I then put on some black pumps. I then walked out of the wardrobe and saw Harry changed. "You change quick" I said while putting in some earrings. "I'm always quick" He said fixing his bow tie while winking at me. "Are we ready to go down for dinner?" I asked. "Yeah" Harry replied, he turned the T.V off and grabbed my hand. We walked out of the room and locked the door. When we got down to the restaurant in the hotel we were guided to our tables. There was one lit candle with cutlery set out. Me and Harry sat down. "What do you want to order?" He asked, I thought since this seemed like a romantic dinner date I should have the meal me and Harry first had together. "I'm going to have a roast" I said. "You remember" Harry said looking at me. "How can I not remember that night?" I replied back. "Well you might remember tonight even more" He said with a cheeky smile. I knew what he meant by that, I think I'm still going to play hard to get though. The waitress came over to us and took our order. Then me and Harry had a massive conversation about us, it wasn't a serious conversation about us though, just remembering stupid funny moments. About fifteen minuets later our food was served. Me and Harry ordered some champagne with the roast too. "Here's to us" Harry said with his glass up in the air. I put my glass up in the air to hit his and said "To us". We had an amazing meal and payed, then walked up to our hotel room.      

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