Three Words

This is a love story about a young girl called Lexi and is introduced to One Direction by her best friend Louis Tomlinson. But little did she know she found her self in deep love with Harry Styles.


17. Positive

~Three Months Later~

Its been three months since being in New York with Harry for new years. We then were in all the papers, me and Harry were nicknamed as a couple called "Larry" I think couple names are a stupid idea so I don't really care. But we were back in the U.K, I said sorry to Louis and I've moved back in with him. It was nice being with him again, he's like my family. 

"Lexi are you okay?" I heard Louis asking me through the bathroom door. I was being sick, again. I didn't know if I caught some stupid illness or something. "Yeah.." I replied back. I hadn't seen Harry for about 4 days. He was away with his mum, but he was coming home today. I really wanted him right now. I got up off the bathroom floor and opened the door. Louis was standing there panicking. "Lexi are you alright?" I had no idea what was wrong with me. "Yeah I'm fine" I walked over towards the sitting room and saw the T.V on with a hot chocolate and blankets. He must have been worried about me. "What's all this?" I asked. "Well you haven't been feeling well" He replied back. "Aw, thanks Louis" I sat down and got all comfy on the sofa with blankets on me and sipping at my hot chocolate. I was watching The Big Bang Theory, but as soon as I got completely comfy adverts came on. There was this advert, it was a pregnancy test advert, and that's when it struck me. I knew I was pregnant, I was positive. Louis walked over to the bathroom so I quickly took my phone of the table and messaged Eleanor, Louis girlfriend. Eleanor was like a sister to me. I messaged her saying..

"Please come over asap"

"Hi, um, why?" I was scared even to tell her. "I need a pregnancy test, please don't tell Louis when you come over, he will just get all, well you know" 

"Oh, my, gosh. Okay, on my way" Louis just walked out of the bathroom and I had a worried looking face on. He sat down next to me and said "I need to go out and see Zayn about our music video, you okay on your own?" This was great, that way he would have no idea about Eleanor coming over. "Oh that's fine, when you leaving?" I asked him quickly. "Now." Louis walked over to his bedroom and got his shoes and coat on. Before I knew it he was out the door.

I heard someone at the door, I knew it must have been Eleanor. I walked out of my comfy seat and opened the door. Eleanor came straight into the house and took her coat off, then hugged me. "Lexi are you sure you're pregnant?" 

"Well that's what the test is for" Eleanor handed me the test and I walked into the bathroom, and well you know, peed. I flushed the toilet and washed my hands then set the pregnancy test on the side of the sink. I opened the bathroom door and let Eleanor in, we sat there in silence waiting for the test to say if it was positive or negative. "Do, you even want a baby?" Eleanor asked me. "Well yes but this is so unexpected" I replied back. It was time to look at the test and see the results, I was so scared but also excited. "Eleanor can you please read it?" She got up and read the test. She looked down at me and said "Positive" 

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