Three Words

This is a love story about a young girl called Lexi and is introduced to One Direction by her best friend Louis Tomlinson. But little did she know she found her self in deep love with Harry Styles.


14. Morning Cuddles

I woke up in the bed under the soft covers with Harry's arms wrapped around me, my face was just touching his chest. Last night was, well. There was no words to describe last night. It was amazing I guess. My heart was racing every moment of it. It was still racing right now just being in Harry's arms. I sneaked out of Harry's arms because I needed the toilet. I grabbed my dressing gown and put it on. Before I went to the toilet I looked out the window, It was a lovely day outside. A bit of sunlight came beaming into the room. I walked over to the bathroom and used the toilet. I decided to take a shower. 

After my shower I heard Harry up. I had my hair down still a bit wet, I dried my body off and put my dressing gown back on. I saw Harry standing up stretching by the window. I walked behind him and wrapped my hands around his body. "Morning" Harry said while turning around hugging me. "Morning" I replied back. "Last night was amazing" Harry said to me looking into my eyes. "I know" I replied. He picked me up and took me too the bed. "Harry, what on earth are you doing?" I asked laughing. "I never got a cuddle with you in bed" 

"Well you got plenty last night" I replied back. "But I want a morning one" I sat down on my back, despite the fact I had my wet hair on the pillow. Harry sat down on his back with me. He held me close, he had his arm just where I was resting my head on the pillow. He started playing with my hair just slightly with his eyes closed. I decided to close my eyes and just lay there with him.  

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