Three Words

This is a love story about a young girl called Lexi and is introduced to One Direction by her best friend Louis Tomlinson. But little did she know she found her self in deep love with Harry Styles.


7. Missing

We put lots of One Direction songs on and sang to them. "Why are you singing all croaky?" I asked Harry laughing. "Trying to make you laugh"

"It's not like I have a cute laugh or anything"

"You do, and your smile." I didn't know what to reply back with. I just looked at Harry and smiled. We finally got back to mine, me and Harry got out of the car and walked up to my flat. "Are you going to come in?" I asked Harry. "No way, Louis will probably hit me because you stayed at mine" 

"You're scared of Louis? That so cute" I opened the door and pulled Harry in. Louis was on the couch watching the news, he ran up to me and hugged me. "oh thank god your okay!" Louis stopped hugging me and walked over to Harry. "I'm watching you" Louis walked back over to me and hugged me again. I saw Harry with wide eyes because he couldn't have seen Louis this serious before. "Do you want a cup of tea?"

"Sure." Louis walked over to the kitchen and me and Harry sat down. "Hello?" We heard an Irish accent saying from behind our door. I walked over to the door and saw Niall. "Hey Lexi you're back? Louis said you were missing, he actually sent me over here to help look of you! Haha" I walked over to Louis and said "Why did you tell people I was missing..?" Louis went bright red. "Louis, answer me" I demanded. I had some rage on my face. Niall came over to me and said "He said you were missing that's all"

"But Louis knows perfectly well I was with Harry" I went back to Harry and said "I'm coming back to yours" Harry looked all confused. "Um why?" 

"Why? Because Louis has really pissed me off" I walked to my room and shut the door. I heard Niall talking, I put my ear up to the door and heard him say "Must be the time of the month if you know what I mean" I opened my door. "It's not!" I then slammed the door. I got a massive bag out from out of my bed and packed lots of clothes. "Can I come in?" I heard Harry asking form the other side of the door. "Yeah" Harry walked in and hugged me. "Why are you so pissed off with Louis?" He whispered to me. "Because he is.. well I don't know, I just want to spend more time with you" I said looking up at him while in his arms. I packed my bags then grabbed Harry's hand and walked out of the flat.   

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