Three Words

This is a love story about a young girl called Lexi and is introduced to One Direction by her best friend Louis Tomlinson. But little did she know she found her self in deep love with Harry Styles.


16. Happy New Year


~The Thirty First Of December~

"Lexi are you ready yet?" Harry was yelling. "Give me a second, we're not going to be late!" I yelled back. It was thirty minuets until the first of January, me and Harry were running a bit late for heading to Time's Square. This was going to be mine and Harry's first proper public appearance. I was scared if people would hate me, but Harry told me I had nothing to worry about. "I'm ready Harry!" I said walking to the door of our hotel room. "Finally" Harry said, me and him walked out the door and Harry locked it. Harry rented a car so luckily we didn't have to keep getting taxi's around New York. We got out of the hotel and there were a few paparazzi who were shouting lots of questions about me and Harry. We walked to the car and drove just near Times Square. We walked there hand and hand. We saw a few other famous people around, there were paparazzi all over the place, it was so crowded. Me and Harry stood around near the middle. It was five minutes just before the countdown. I saw lots of metal gate things people stand behind and I saw lots of girls behind them shouting Harry. The countdown started. I was standing there and Harry was on his iPhone messaging the boys Happy New Year. Some paparazzi was taking pictures of me and Harry. I didn't expect all this attention while going out with Harry. Harry put his phone in his pocket because the countdown was at 15 seconds to go. Everyone put there hands up in the air counting down, Harry looked down at me and smiled. 

Everyone shouted "HAPPY NEW YEAR" Harry turned to me and grabbed me, I put my arms around his neck, his hands on my back, I went in to kiss him and then music started to play. That was possibly the best kiss I had ever had. We rocked side to side slightly and was kissing for a while.

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