Three Words

This is a love story about a young girl called Lexi and is introduced to One Direction by her best friend Louis Tomlinson. But little did she know she found her self in deep love with Harry Styles.


3. Age Is Just A Number

I walked into my flat with Louis. "So Harry actualy asked you to be his girlfriend?" Louis asked laughing. "Louis, he asked me on a date."

"Last time you were on a date was with me."

"Since when was I ever on a date with you?"

"Since... never. I was just trying to make you feel better because you have never been on a date before!" I walked over to the couch and picked up a pillow and threw it at Louis. "Right I'm going to get ready for tonight" I walked over to the bathroom and undressed. I went into the shower and washed my hair and myself. "LEXI!" Louis shouted, "WHAT?!?" I just heard Louis mummbling, I got out of the shower and wrapped a towel around myself and walked out. I opened the door and saw Louis staning right at it. "What?" he pointed at Harry in the background. Harry was looking out the window and luckily didn't see me. I pulled Louis into the bathroom and shut the door. "Why the hell is Harry here? It's only ten past five?!" 

"Ask him yourself."

"Well talk to him while I dry my hair off and put my make up on, if he sees me looking like this he will probably run out of the building because I look a mess!"

"True, he would..." I pushed Louis out of the bathroom and plugged my hair dryer in. Luckily my hair never took long to dry. I got my smokey eye make up kit on. After that, I got out of the bathroom and sneeked past Harry and Louis into my bedroom. They didn't see me thank god. I got into something quick. So I just put grey sweat pants on and a black jumper. I walked out and Harry turned around and walked up to me. "Hey Lexi" 

"Hi Harry, um what are you doing here? It's not anywhere close to half eight."

"Well the hostess of the party got sick and cancelled. I didn't want to cancel on you though so I came over to invite you to mine for dinner tonigh." I actually thought that was really romantic of Harry. At least I know he wasn't using me so he didn't feel stupid. "Harry I would love to!" 

"That's great, um. Are you wanting to leave now?" I looked a mess but I know Harry won't care. "Yeah, sure" Harry walked me out of the flat. "Later love birds!" I heard Louis shout.

We got to Harry's car and he opened the passenger seat door for me. "Thanks" I said with a smile and got in the car. Harry walked over to the drivers seat door and got in smiling. "So how far is it to your house?"

"About thirty minute drive, why. Are you dying to have dinner with me, haha"

"Very funny!" I said laughing. "So.. um, how old are you?" I knew Harry had a thing with older women but, did he like people that was younger than him? "I'm 17"

"Perfect aging then. I'm 18, haha. I know I had things with older women but I think age is just a numer you know?" Well at least I knew he didn't really care how old I was and It wasn't going to affect anything. "Yeah, I don't get when people make such a big deal about it."

"My sister did anyway, she pissed me off about Caroline Flack."

"But that was just a fling wasn't it?"

"Yeah, I'm sick of having flings with people, I want to be serious you know?"

"Trust me I know exactly what you mean Harry"

It was about twenty five minuits later and we got to Harry's house. He opnend the car door for me and put his hand out. I guessed I had to grab his hand so I did. When we touched, I got this rush, my tummy felt like I had a thousand butterflies in me. I just looked at Harry and smiled. He didn't let go of my hand though. He held it tight and shut the car door. It was nice where Harry lived. It was a old looking mansion in the countryside. Harry walked me into the house, it wasn't old looking inside like the outside. It was very modern. "I have a roast dinner that just needs to be put in the oven I'll do that right now, you can watch t.v while your waiting if you want?"

"I will help you with the dinner"

"Are you sure?"

"Yeah, I would really like too."

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