When i Wish Upon a Star Sequal

This Is a Sequal Of My First Fanfiction , When i Wish Upon a Star.
After a Terriable Tragedy Happend To Louis And Now Mackenzie Is Just Now Starting To Get Her Memory Back.. What Will Later Find Out Is How This Will All Summon Up. What Will Happen? Read It To Find Out..


1. Tradegy Strikes For Love Continued

Mackenzie's P.O.V-- i Was Sitting Down On The Cold Ground Floor. And Listened To The Shockeing Noices Coming Louis Room So He Can Stay Alive. It's All My Fault Lou Was In This Mess. But i DIdnt Mean To.. What Did i Do? What Can i Do To Keep Louis On Earth and Be My Love Again? i Thought To Myself. i Heard Footsteps Come Clser To Me And It's Liam And The Others. "Liam!" i Ran To Him and Cried on His Shoulder. " Mackenzie? What's Going ON In Louis Room?" He Asked. "His Heart Meator Went Off. And Doctors and Nurses Rushed In And They Threw Me Out. "Well Did He Say Anything Or Did you Say Anything Before He Flat Lined?" He Asked Me. " We Kissed and i Told Him i Loved Him..And He Smiled and Flat Lined.." i Said. i Noticed Harry Was Not Saying Anything. " I'm Sorry Harry.. i Know You Love Me And All But, Louis Is My Love.." i Say To Him Straight. he Noddeds " i Understand.." He Says With a Smile. We Hug and We Sat Down And Worried Sick About Louis! About  Couple Of Minutes Flew By And The Doctors and Nureses Walked Out Of Louis Room. "Is Louis Alright?" i Asked. The Doctor Sighed "Yeah, He's Just Fine. He's a Lucky Guy To Have a Girl Like You.. " He Says To Me. "Why's That?" i Say. "It Seems That Only The Power Of Your Love. helped Him To Live.." He Says Concerned. i Smiled " My We Go See Louis?" i Asked. "Sure.. i Mean You Guys Have Been In Here Since Last Night.. Go Ahead. And If Anything Happends Call Us Were In The Front Lobby." He Says. We All Nodded In a Agreemenet and Entered Louis Room. He's Awake "Mackenzie?" He Spoke Quietly. "Louis!.." i Screamed and Gave Him a Huge Hug and Kissed Him On The Lips. " I Missed You So Much And I'm Sorry Louis.." i Say Until He Cuts Me Off With a Other Kiss. "What's There To Be Sorry About Babe?" He Asked. i Blushed. "i Regreat Everything That i Did To Hurt You.." i Told Him. "Well Your Forgiven and It's All IN The Past.. " He Says.  i Smiled And Hugged Him Once More. " I Love you Louis." i Say With a Kiss. " i Love you To Kenzie." He Says Kissing Back.

*Few Months Later*

Louis P.O.V-- Me And Mackenzie Were Happly Together Once Again. We Still Speak About The Regreat we Take Back For Hurting One An Other. Me and Kenzie We Sleeping On The Sofa When My Phone Rang.

Me: Hello?

Random Caller: Yes Handsom.. i Was Wondering i Can Have another kiss?

Me: Huh?! Who Is This?

i Yelled Accidently And Made Mackenzie Woke Up Startled.

Random Caller: It's Elizabeth Your Kissing Buddie..

i Got Mad and Yelled Into The Phone

Me: Look! Elizabeth You Already Hurt Our Relationship Once Dont Do It Again!

Elizabeth: Wow She Got Her Memory Bac Huh?

Me: Yeah! How About You Go back To Harry and Never Call Me Again Or Just Get a Life! i Yelled.

Elizabeth: Whatever you Say Sweetheart. Catch You Later. She Hung Up.

I Hung Up After Her. Mackenzie Looked at Me With a Concernd Look.." Babe Are you ok?" she Asked. "You know Elizabeth Right?" i asked Her She Nodded. "Well She Called. And Probley Wanting To Ruin Our Relatioship again." i Say. 'Well We Cant Let Her Do That Huh?" She Says. "Come On Were Going To hang Out at Harry' Flat With The Boys Like We Used To. If It's Ok With You." She Says i Smiled At Her i Couldnt Refuse To My Love Of My Life. "Sure Baby, Lets Go.' i Say Grabing her Waist And Lead Her Out the Door.

 A/N: Sorry If It Loss Track Of The Story a Bit. And Hope You Love the Starting Of The Sequal Loads Of Love - Kenzie Tommo (: xx.

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