When i Wish Upon a Star Sequal

This Is a Sequal Of My First Fanfiction , When i Wish Upon a Star.
After a Terriable Tragedy Happend To Louis And Now Mackenzie Is Just Now Starting To Get Her Memory Back.. What Will Later Find Out Is How This Will All Summon Up. What Will Happen? Read It To Find Out..


11. Tommy's Big Day!!!

* 4 Days Later *

Mackenzie's P.O.V-- It's Tommy's Big Day! And Today He Turning 2. I'm So Exited About My Little Boy Turning 2! I Was Actually Not Alone, I Was With Differnt Parents, Friends Of Mine And There Children Which Most Of Them Are Friends With Tommy. We Had The House Decorated With Power Rangers. What Tommy Again Choicen. I Was Watching Over the Birthday Boy Really Closley And Hanging Out Best Frineds Of Mine And There Children. I Was Still Upset About Louis Was Night Here For Tommy's Big Day ): My Friends Were Trying To Cheer Me Up And Everything They Could To make Me Feel Better. But Nothing Worked All I Needed Was Louis.. Louis Is All I NEED! That's The Only Thing That Missing. Then The Front Door Rung. i Wasnt Expecting Anyone Else So i Went Ahead And Anwered Hoping It Was The Cake I Ordered With The Red Power Ranger On It, Or Most Importantly Louis! I Opened It And There Stood a Huge Man i Never Seen Before. "Hello SIr, May i Help You?" i Say. " i Want You To Bring The Party OutSide For a Moment.. its Somthing For the Birthday Boy.." i Had a Strange Look On My Face and Agreed and Brought The Party And My Son Outside Then There Stood a Five Power Rangers Outside With Weapons Held High. All The Children Yelled And Ran Towards Them, Tommy Ran And Knocked Over The Red One. i Ran Over To Him And Helped The Red Power Ranger Up. "I'm So Sorry About My Son.." i Say Apologiozing. "It's Alright, I Bet That's My Son Tommy Am i Right?" He Says.  i Gave Him a Cocerned Look. Son? Wait A Minute "You Arnt What I'm Think Who's Under This Suit Huh?' i Asked And He Took Off His Face Mask Then Showed Louis, With The Hugest Smile On His Face. i Kissed Him Passanitely He Kissed Back ."Lou! " I Yelled. i Noticed Tommy Running Back Towards Louis And Knocking Him Over Again "Daddy! DADDY! You Made It!!" Tommy Yelled. Louis Smiled " I Wouldnt Miss It For The World." Louis Said Smiling At Both Me And Tommy. Through Out That Whole Day We Spent Having The Most Funniest Birthday That Tommy Wont Ever Foreget.

                                                 The End ........ Wait I Dont Think Thats The End (:  Read Below! Important!

A/N": Almost Finish With The Sequal All I Have to Do Is Summon Up The Story And Then I'll Make A New Fanfiction Of Your Choice lease Let Me Know Early Before i Start Writing Thank You Loads Of Love - Kenzie Tommo

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