When i Wish Upon a Star Sequal

This Is a Sequal Of My First Fanfiction , When i Wish Upon a Star.
After a Terriable Tragedy Happend To Louis And Now Mackenzie Is Just Now Starting To Get Her Memory Back.. What Will Later Find Out Is How This Will All Summon Up. What Will Happen? Read It To Find Out..


7. The Wedding Day.. Finally!!

Mackenzie's P.O.V-- i Stood In Front Of The Mirror Where Danielle Was Behind Me Fixing My Wedding Dress. "i Cant Belive You And Louis Are Getting Married In Just a Few Mintes!" Cried Perrie. "Yeah.. i Know It's Been Going By Fast." i Say. Danielle Looked At Me Where i Was Looking At My Imagie Of Me In The Mirror. "Kenzie Love, Your Very Beautiful In That Dress Dont Worry.." Danielle Says To Me And Smiles Lightly. "Thank You." i Say. i Tunred To Both Of Them And Faced The Two Girls. My Best Firends In the World. " Thank you So Much For Helping Me Through This Guys. i Really Am Going to Miss You.." i Say About To Sob. "No, No Hun It's Alright You'll See Us Later On Promise. Dont Worry About Us. You And Louis Go Have a Great Time At the Honeymoon." Says Both Perrie And Danielle. i Smiled At Them, And Then Paul Comes In And Tells Us To be Ready In 30 Secounds.  i Gladly Walked Into Lobby With Danielle Was Next to Perrie in Fronet Of Me. The Flower Girls Which Is Fizzy And Lottie. And Followed Behind Then Was Jackson, My Brother. Then i Heard The Pianio Play The Magical Harmony Of ' Here Comes The Bride' With Violens Playing Smoothly With it. i See Lottie And Fizzy Head Out, Then My Brother, Then Perrie and Danielle, then Me. Who Ws Linked To My Father. It Was My Cue. He Lead Me Towards The Front Where Louis Turning My Direction Aloong With The Lads. Louis Was Wearing a Ver Nice Tux Which Suit Him Very Nicely. My Father Let Go Of Me And Louis Held Out His Hand And i Joined Him With The Preacher. "Dearly Beloved, We Are Gathered Here Today To Cleabrate a Love In Matrmony Of Mr. Louis Tomlinson, And Mrs. Mackenzie  Sky"." Louis Do You Sir Take Mackenzie As Your Beloved Wife, To Take Of Her Through Health, Life, And Wealth.?" The Preachor Asked Louis. " I Do." Says Louis Smiling At Me. " And Do You Mrs. Mackenzie Take Louis As Your Beloved Husband To Hold and Charish Through Health,Life and Wealth?' He Asked Me. i Looked at Louis And Smiled "I Do." i Say. i Noticed My Parents Were Crying And So Was The Lads, and Louis' Parents. "The Rings Please.." Says The Preacher, Jasckson Got Up And Handed The Ring To Louis, He Held My Hand Up And Put The Ring Softly On My Finger. Jackson Gave Me The Ring And i Held Louis Hand And Putted It On His Finger. " I'm Happly Here To Say You Are Now Mr. And Mrs. Tomlinson. Louis My Son Kiss The Bride." The Preacher Spoke And He Tooke My Waist And Lead me Closer To him and We Kissed. Everyone Cheered With Celeabration, And Joy. We Gladly Took Each Others Hand Walked Into The Dinning Room Where Stood a Huge Table For Us Two To Sit With Our Familys And Friends ANd a Huge Dance Floor To Groove On. Ad a Stage Which Stood a Dj Stand and A Few Microphones. Me And Louis Took Our Seats Together And We All Partyed Our Butts Off Until It Was Time For Me And Louis To Head Off To Our Honeymoon. And i Relized Till That i Was In Mrs. Janson's Classroom Sleeping In Her Class Dreaming About Me Marrying Lou. And i Knew It Would Come True. But i Thought It Was Only In Fairy Tales. Now i Know If You Wish On It Really Hard Your Dreams Will Come True, Just Like Mine Did. i'm Now Married To The Man Of My Dreams. My Mr. Right.

A/N: hope You Loved It!! Thanks For Reading I'll Update Later On. Loads Of Love - Kenzie Tommo xx (:

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