When i Wish Upon a Star Sequal

This Is a Sequal Of My First Fanfiction , When i Wish Upon a Star.
After a Terriable Tragedy Happend To Louis And Now Mackenzie Is Just Now Starting To Get Her Memory Back.. What Will Later Find Out Is How This Will All Summon Up. What Will Happen? Read It To Find Out..


12. The Future.. Mackenzie's Suprise Party?

* 6 Years Later *

Louis P.O.V-- Me And Mackenzie's Life Has Been Going Quite Well And I'm Actually Very Lucky That I Have Both Her And Tommy In My Life To Share It With. Since Tommy's 2nd Birthday Suprise By Me Wearing a Red Power Ranger Suit Which Was Very Uncomfutable, But It Was Worth It. The Lads Promise Me They Could Be Power Rangers Too For The Sake Of My Sons Birthday, And The Lads Loved Tommy! Like Now Tommy Calls Them Uncle, Harry, Liam , Niall , And Zayn. It Was a Miricale That Tommy Was Born. And I'm Glad To Have Him As My Son In My Wonderful Family. It's Now In The Future Since Tommy Was 2. Now Hes 8 Years Old Now, Can you Belive It! 8! Man Time Flys Past Us Very Fast Huh? Well He's Now Starting 5th Year Today. Man He Grew Up To Fast For Both Me And Mackenzie. "Here Honey, Dont Forget Your Lunch.." Says Mackenzie Handing Tommy His Lunch bag For School. "I Wont Mum!" He Groaned. I Smiled At Him And Hugged Him Goodbye. "Have a Good Time Son." I Say To Him. "Bye Dad." He Waved at Both Of Us and Headed Off Towards The Bus. I Sat Down At The Dinner Table Looking Through The Newspaper So i Could What's New. Mackenzie Walked Over To Me And Placed Two Cups Of Fresh Tea. " Here You Go Babe." Says Mackenzie Handing Me The Cup. "Thanks You Babe." I Say Kissing Her On The Lips. She Sat Down On The Chair Next to Me And Sighed. "Louis?.." She Asked. "Yes Kenzie?" I Say Back In a Charming Accent. "Where Was The Time When Tommy Was About To Start Daycare?" She Says. "Hun, That Was Six Years Ago." i Say Sipping My Tea. She Looked At Me And Smiled. I Looked Back At Her With Confusion. "What?" i Asked Her. "How Long Was It That Me And You had Any Alone Time?" She Asked Me. I Looked At Her Direction "I Dont Know.. What Are Trying To Ask Me?" i Say Smiling At Her Like An Idiot. "Maybe We Can Go Up To Our Bedroom Watch Films And Cuddle Together Like We Used To?" She Says Pleading Me. i Couldnt Let Her Down So i Accepted, I Dont Have to Go To Work And Neither Does She, So Might As Well. I Grabed Her Hand And Lead Her Upstairs. We Sat On The Bed And Watched Titanic. Which Was Pretty Romantic And Calming And Sad All At The Same Time. By The Time The Movie Was Halfway Finished Mackenzie Was Already Asleep On My Chest And I Heard Tommy Coming Through The Door. "Dad.. Mum I'm Home!" Shouted Tommy. " Were Up Here Tommy And Be Quite Your Mum Is Sleeping" i Answered Back. He Reached Up The Staircase " Dad ... I Thought We Are Going To Suprise Mum For Her Birthday Tonight?" Asked Tommy. I Totally Forgot! The Suprise Party For My Love. "Oh Yeah! Thanks For Telling Me Tommy." i Say Messing Up His Hair a Bit. i Quitely Got Off The Bed And Called Everyone Over That We Know, The Lads. There Girlfriends, There Children, Our Family, My Mum, You Know Everyone! When They Arrived We Set Up The BackyardAnd Made A Little Stage For Us And The Lads To Sing. And i Worked Up A Song For Her Too Somthing Sepecial. My Lady Is Turning 21 In Two Days. I'm Very Proud Of Her About Everything We've Been Through. Mostley Saying Yes When i Proposed.

*After 2 Hours Of Decerating The Backyard.*

Mackenzie's P.O.V-- I Woke Up And Noticed Louis Wasnt Next to Me And The Movie Eneded And It Was Going Through Credits. I Wasnt Worried Very Much Because Louis Would Tell Me If He Left The House, He And Tommy Should Be Here Around The House Somewhere And When I Made It To The Kitchen I Saw Louis Running In Shutting The Blinds So i Wouldnt Look Outside Towards The Backyard. "Uhmm Lou..?" i Aske With Concern. He Looked At Me " Yes My Love?" He Says Charming As Ever Tone. "What's Going On Outside In The Backyard?" I Asked. "N-Nothing Babe." He Says Stuttering a Little. I'm Bit Concerned On What Louis Hiding From Me. I Looked At His Phone And Looked Back At Me.. "Come On Babe, I Got Somthing To Show You." He Says. Leanding His Hand Out For Me To Touch. I Got a Grab Of His Hand And He Lead Me Outside. "Louis I- " i Said And I Was Cut Off By a Screaming Crowed Of People Yelling "SUPRISE!" They Yelled At me. "Oh My Gosh Louis.." i Say Trailing Off And He Leaned In And Kissed Me Softle. " Happy Early 21st Birthday.." Says Louis I Kissed Him Back And Hugged Him Tightly "Thank You Guys So Much For Coming.." i Say Then i Ran To Tommy And Gave Him a Hug And Kiss On His Forehead "Mum.. Not In Front Of The Girls.." He Says a Bit Embarresed. "It's Alright.." i Say Hugging Him Tightly. After i Got To Talk With Everyone We Heard a Voice Towards The Mini Stage Set Up With Five Microphones. It Was Liam Who Talked. "Hello Everyone, We Gladly Here For Mrs. Mackenzie Tomlinson's 21st Early Suprise Party. And Were Here To Sing A Song For Her And Everyone Else For Entertaniment. I Was Standing Next To Danielle And Perrie In The Front Of The Stage Adoring Louis Beauty On The Stage. Every 5 Secounds He Winks At Me While He Perfoms Some Of There Songs That I Created With The Boys Off There New Album 'Take Me Home' And The 'Up All Night ' Album. After a Few Songs Liam, Harry, Niall, And Zayn Exited The Stage Exept Louis Who Was In Front Of A Microphone And Niall With His Gutair , Also Tuning It a Bit. "Excuse Me Everyone, This Song Is Dedicated To My Increadable Wife Mackenzie, When Were Going Out We Did Have a Bit Ups And Downs And Rough Tracks To Go Through But We Made It. And We Brought Tommy Into Our Lifes, And Everything Was Just Perfect Since Then. So I'm Going To Dedicate This Song That Mackenzie And I Use To Sing Together And It's Also On Our New Album 'Take Me Home'.." Louis Spoke. I Didnt Think Of Any Other Song But The Song Summer Love... Wait That's The Song! I Said In my Head. "Here We Go And Mackenzie Can i Have the Honers For You To Sing With Me For This Song My Dear?" He asked Polotily. i Gladly Nodded And Got On The Stage and Got Perpared To Sing.  Louis Wispered In My Ear to Start the Song Off. And I Was Quite Nervous To Perform In Front Of People And If Louis Here Next to Me I'm Perfectly Fine. I Smiled And Nodded And Began ...

" I Cant Belive Your Packing Your Bags, Trying So Hard Not to Cry. Had The Best Time Now Its The Worst Time, But We Have to Say Goodbye..."

Then Louis Began..

"Dont Promise That Your Gonna Write, Though Promise That You'll Call. Just Promise That You Wont Forget We Had It All.."

The We Both Sung Together..

"You Were Mine For the Summer, Now We Know It's Nearly Over. Feels Like Snow In September, But I'll Always Will Remeber..

"You Were My.. Summer Love,.. You'll Always Will Be My... Summer Love."

After We Sung The Chours Everyone Cheered With Joy And I Looked Over to Where Tommy Was Sitting On The Swing Kissing a Other Girl. i Showed Louis Then He Spoke "Good Job Son.." He Yelled So He Could Here. Tommy Looked Up Embaressed. And Smiled And The Girl Blushed. I Looked At Louis And He Smiled And We Both Kissed Passanitely And Bowed Together And We Spent The Whole Time Talking And Eatting Cake And Me Opening Presents, Which They Didnt Need To Get Me. I Already Had The Best Present Ever Right Now. So When i Cam Across Louis Present. i Looked Towards Louis Who Was Sitting Next to Me Smiling And Telling Me To Open It. I Started At The Present And Teared Up And Began Kissing Louis And Everything He Looked Really Suprised But It's Worth It. "Louis.. It's .. It's " i Say Before Louis Cut Me Off "Beautiful.." He Continued For Me. i Smiled And Showed Everyone The Photo Of Me And Louis On Our First Date.. And I Knew i Would Always Take This Where Ever We Go And Even When i Die I Will Be Imagining Me Holding This Frame In My Hands And Saying These Last Words To Louis.. " I Love You.."

A/N: That's Close To The Ending Chapter 13 Is The Ending And Everything Remeber What I Posted Please Let Me Know Right Away. Thanks Loads Of Love - Kenzie Tommo (: xx



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