When i Wish Upon a Star Sequal

This Is a Sequal Of My First Fanfiction , When i Wish Upon a Star.
After a Terriable Tragedy Happend To Louis And Now Mackenzie Is Just Now Starting To Get Her Memory Back.. What Will Later Find Out Is How This Will All Summon Up. What Will Happen? Read It To Find Out..


2. The Confuession

Mackenzie's P.O.V-- We Made It To Harry's Flat And Lou Knocked On The Door. It Swung Open By Liam. "Hey Louis, Mackenzie Come On In!" He Yells And Kissing my Hand. We Headed Towards The Livingroom where Everyone Else Is. There Stood Harry,Niall,Zayn And Danielle And Perrie. We Hugged Each Other And Sat Down And Relaxing The Time as a Family. i Cant Belive i Called It That! " Family " Hmm I Can Get Used To That. We Were Talking About Random Stuff, Louis Was Making Stuiped But Funny Jokes, And Niall Being Just Plain Stuiped But Ver Adorable About It. i Just Cant Get Enough Of These Boys. We Were Enjoying The Evening When Suddnely There Was a Knock On The Door. Liam Jumped Up and Leaving Danielle Behind. He Opened The Door And There Was a Female Voice Speaking To him "Elizabeth?" Liam Said Concered. She Jumped In The Flat And Bumbed iam To The Floor And Danielle Came To Rescue Him. Aww What a Swet Couple They Are.. I Thought. Harry Stood Up "Elizabeth What Are You Doing Here?" He Asked. She Made a Death Glare at Him and Looked Towards Louis " I'm Here For My Next Kiss Handsome.." She Says Walking Towards Him The I Got Up and Got in Front Of Louis. " No Way In Gods Way I'm Making You Kiss My Man." i Say Loud And Proud i Say To Her. "Oh Really.. Now You Two Are Magically Back together Huh? Oh Boo Whoo You Loss your Memory , And Will You Excuse Me i Got Some Unfinish Buessiness i Got With Louis. " Oh No You Dont!" i Shouted And Ran To her and Jumped On Top Of Her and Punched Her Right In The Face. " Is That All You Got.. You.. Baby.." She Says Pushing Me Against The Wall. The Boys Were Trying To Hold Her Back While Danielle And Perrie Holded Me Back So We Dont Destory Harry's Flat Into Bits. " Ladies Settle Down Ok.." Say Niall. " We Can Work This Out." Says Zayn. We Put Elizabeth On The Sofa and Me In Louis Arms So He Could Protect Me From Her. " Elizabeth.. Why Did you Even Destroy There Releationship In the First Place.. I Mean You Were Dating Harry.." Says Danielle. She Sighed " Why Should I Tell You Guys. That Baby Over There Probley Wont Take The Heat.." She Says Looking In My Direction. i Tried To Get Out Of Louis Hands But Lets Face It He's Too Strong For Me. " Tell Us!" Harry Yells. " Okay.. Okay.. Chill Out i Will.." She Says Taking  Deep Breathe. It All Starts When Me And Harry Were Starting To Date And We Ran Into The Baby And Louis.." She Spoke i Was Holding Back My Fear Of Anger So i Dont Slipp Out Curse Words In Front Of The Guys Nor Lou. But i Hated The Way She Called Me Baby.. WHich I'm Not! "Anyway's We Met Them In Top Men. Where Harry Introuduced Me To Mackenzie. She Seemed Nice at First And i Relized How Sweetly Harry Was Talking To Her Than To Me.. He Never Talkes To Me Like That. i Looked Back At the Two Cuddling Around The Mall, Kissing And Stuff. It Was Annoying Me Too Much! Louis Was Just So Great With Woman, Than Styles. And i Had an Idea That Louis And Her Would Probley Never See Coming." SHe Says To Us. Harry's Mouth Dropped With Shock And i Was Still In Louis Arms Which  i Try to Hold My Anger in. So She Continued "So At The Studio i Knew Harry Wanted To be alone With Her While She Did Her Controling Thingy, So While He Was Drulling Over Her i Brought Louis Out Of The Room Tricking HIm That i Was Going to Tell Him Aout a Suprise Party For Mackenzie.Which Then He Relized i Was Getting To Close And Trying To Stay Away From Me. But i Catched him And By the Time Mackenzie Walked Through The Door Our Lips Smashed Together." She Said. i Looked To Louis With a Apologizing Look. He Looked At Me and i Told Him " I'm So Sorry Louis.. That i Didnt Belive you Before.. I'm Too Stuiped.." i Said When i Was About To Cry Waterfalls Of Tears Louis Grabed My Waist And And Kissed Me. Then Elizabeth Spoke Somthing i Never Heard Her Say Out Of Her Mouth " I'm Sorry For Ruining Your Releationship.. I Didnt Mean For It To Go yo Far.. " She Said Apologizing To The Both Of Us. We Forgived Her and The Later On She Left. Harry Was Still Shocked i Had to Talk To Him. i Left Louis Lap And Went to Tak to Harry. "Harry.. You Alright?" i Asked. "i Think So.. I Dont Know.." He Says. "i Mean You'll Find a Girl One Day. i Promise It.." i Say Touching His Shoulder. He Looked At Me "You Really Think So?" He Says. "Yeah.. i Really Do.. i Mean you Arnt Bad Looking.." i Say Truthfully. He Smiled And Looked At Me "Thanks.. Uuhmm Can i Tell You Somthing?" He Says Quiet Nervous. "Sure Anything!" i Say. "I'm Sorry For Hurting You And Louis." He Says. "Harry.. It's Not Really Your Fault That Started This Whole Thing. And Besides Who Cares. It's The Past..' i Say Smiling. He Smiled and i Walked Back To Louis Who Sat On The Floor, And Talking To The Others i Sat On His Lap Once again And Watched His Every Move. And He Looked Back At Me. Ane Kissed My Lips. i Kissed Back. " I love you Louis ." i Say While Kissing Him "And i Love You Mackenzie." He Said While Kissing Me.

* Few Weeks Past*

Louis P.O.V-- Me, Niall, Zayn, Liam And Harry Were Out Shopping While Mackenzie and Perrie And Danielle Were Out Havving a Girls Day Out Somewhere. i Surely Missed Mackenzie Already. i Texted Her, 

To Mackenzie,  i Miss You  Already ): i Sent Her The Message.

Then i Recived a Message Back From her

From Mackenzie, i Miss You More ): <3

i Missed Her a Load! And i Stopped The Boys For a Moment Looking at Jewlery, And Engagment Rigs Then Niall Spoke, " Your Not Planing To Buy Mackenzie A Engagment Right Arnt You Mate?" He Asked. I Was Actually Out Shopping For Mackenzie a Perfect Birthday Gift. And i Havent Found One Till Now. I Was Planning On Buying Her Somthing That She Will Remeber For the Rest Of Her Life. And By Me. Then After That Thought i Had a Great Idea.

Mackenzie's P.O.V-- My Birthday Is IN a Couple Days And i Was Having a Girls Day Out With Dani And Perrie. While Louis Was Buying Me Somthing With The Boys, Which Was Totally Fine With Me. We Went Into Loads Of Girly Stores That We Could Go With Our Boyfriends. Like Victoria Secret, Bath And Body Works, Rue 21, Loads Of Girly Places. i Was Manly Texting Louis The Whole Time Beacuse I've Never Been This Long Without Him Before. And i Missed Him ): Dani ANd Perrie Noticed i Wasnt Enjoying Myself Like i Should So They Took Me Out Somewhere Out For Lunch Where Hott Guys Were Our Waiters And Such. The Place Was Great1 It Served Great Food1 and Delicous Desert. We Couldnt Finish Our Food And So We Packed Up Our Stuff and Headed To Harry's Flat. Then Suddnely Louis Texted Back To me And Said.,

From LouBear. Dont Go To Harry's Flat Tell Danielle To Drop You Off At Our Flat And Go In And On The Bed There Is a Dress and Somthing For you.. Ok? Love You babe (: - Louis xoxo.

i Told Danielle To Drop Me Off At Me And Louis Flat. And i Entered The Front Door And Entered The Bedroom And Found a Brand new Dress that He Got Me For Our 3 Mounth Anniversary And The Night Louis Was In an Accident. Which i Didnt Let that Go throught My Head. i Put The Dress On And There Layed a Note On The Bed.  it Write In Louis Handwriting,

Baby, There Is Going To Be a Limo Driver To Pick You Up To Drive you To Our Secert Dinner Date. He'll Be There At 7:30 So Be Ready. I Love you - Your Love Louis. xoxox

A/N: How Was It? Hope You Love It!! -Kenzie Tommo x

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