When i Wish Upon a Star Sequal

This Is a Sequal Of My First Fanfiction , When i Wish Upon a Star.
After a Terriable Tragedy Happend To Louis And Now Mackenzie Is Just Now Starting To Get Her Memory Back.. What Will Later Find Out Is How This Will All Summon Up. What Will Happen? Read It To Find Out..


9. The Child

*2 Years Later*

Louis P.O.V-- i Just Came Back After a Rough Day At the Stuido With The Lads. i Walked Into Our Two Story House. And Walked In Seeing My Beautiful Wife Of 2 Years, Mackenzie And My Almost 2 Year Old Son, Tommy. Helping Mummy Cooking Dinner. "Daddy!" Tommy Yelled Running Towards Me. "Tommy.. My Boy How Are You.." i Say He Relised Of My Hugs and Talked "Me And Mummy Are Making Dinner For All Of Us! Were Making Spegetti Tonight!" He Yelled Again With Joy. I Smiled And Walke Behind Mackenzie And Wrapped My Arms Around Her Waist While She's Cooking. "Hey Babe, How's Work." She Says. i Sighed "Same Old.. i Guess. "Why's That?" She Asked. i Sighed Again Thinkning About How I'm Going To Explain This To My Wife and My Boy About Me Leaving On Tour For Eight Months Without Seeing Them. "Well.. " i Say Telling Her To Sit. "I;m Having To Leave For Our Tour.," i Continued. She Had a Shocked Look Formed On Her Face .."How Long?" She Asked "Eight Months..'" i Say Quitely "Eight M-Months..." She Stuttered. "Baby.. It's Alright.. It's Not Long I Promise I'll Be Back Before You know It.." i Say To Her Kissing Hr Neck. "When Are You Leaving?" She Asked About To Sob. "In Two Days." i Say. She Turned To Me And Started To Cry Again i Held Her Tightly Then i Felt My Pants Leg Being Pulled I Turned Towards The Floor Stood Tommy lmost In Tears.." Daddy's L-Leaving.." He Says Crying. "No.NO Baby It's Aright Dont Cry.." i Say Trying To Keep Him From Not Crying And i Knew They Wouldnt Take This Very Easly. And I Knew Mackenzie Will Just Cry. And i Would Too If i Was Her. I Held Both Of Them Really Tightly. "It's Alright, The Good Thing Is i Told Mangement I Could Spend he Last Two Days With You Guys." i Say Lifting Mackenzie's Head. "R-Really?.." Mackenzie Says Still Sobbing a Little. "Yeah. For The Next Two Days, It's Only About You Two. Nothing Else." i Says Kissing Mackenzie And Tommy On The Forehead. They Both Smiled At Me And Mackenze Kissed Me On Lips And Tommy Backed Away With Grossness. "Ewww.. Stop It.. It Gross!" He Yelles Backing Away. We Boh Stood There Laughing. And i Helped Her With Dinner And Sat as a Family And Ate.

* That Night*

Mackenzie's P.O.V-- I Watched Over Louis And Tommy Reading a Childhood Book That Louis Read When He Was Little. i Was Standing In The Door Watching The Two People I Care Mostley Abot In My Life. When Lou Fnished The Book He Kissed Tommy On The Forehead And Messed Up His Light Brown Hair. "Good Night Tommy.." He Looked Up at Him and Smiled. "Daddy?" He Asked. "Yes Tommy?" He Says Quitely. "Why Are You Leaving Me And Mummy?" He Says Trying Not to Sob. "It's For Daddy's Job.. i Promise Like I Said I'll Be Back Before You Know It." Louis Said Jumping Out Of The Rocking Chair And Tuncking Tommy In His Bed With Sheets Of Power Rangers Covered On It, Which He Liked. Louis Choicen It For Him For His 1st Birthday. "Night Tommy.." Louis Spoke Kisssing His Forehead Once Again. "Night Daddy." He Says Smiling Reiling His Gorgueous Smile Like His Father. Louis Smiled And Looked At My Direcion And i Walked Towards Tommy Kissing Him Also On The Forehead. "Night Tommy.. See you In The Morning." i Says Touching His Face Softly. He Smiled And Sowly Closed His Eyes And Fell Asleep. Me ans Louis Were Walking Back Into Our Bedroom Hand In Hand And Laying Down Next to Each Other. We Talked About Mostely Randm Things. We Layed On The Bed Till 11:30 Then i Looked Over to Louis Who Was Already Asleep. I Kissed Him Softley On The Lips And Tucked To him In Bed And Fell Asleep on His Chest.

A/N: How's This Chapter? Hoped You Loved It. (: Thanks Again For Reading. Loads Of Love - Kenzie Tommo (: Xxx.


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