When i Wish Upon a Star Sequal

This Is a Sequal Of My First Fanfiction , When i Wish Upon a Star.
After a Terriable Tragedy Happend To Louis And Now Mackenzie Is Just Now Starting To Get Her Memory Back.. What Will Later Find Out Is How This Will All Summon Up. What Will Happen? Read It To Find Out..


6. The Bacholr Parties

* Few Days Later*

Mackenzie's P.O.V-- Danielle, And Perrie Thiught It Was a Great Idea Of Us Having a Girls Night Out, Before The Rehersals For The Wedding In a Couple Of Days, Which Was a Good Idea So I Went Out In My Finest Dress And Heels And Headed Out Until i Felt a Strong Arm Wrapped Around My Waist. "Hey Babe, Where Are you Going On This Fine Evening?" Louis Asked. i Looked Up At Him And Smiled. "Out With The Girls, If That's Fine With You?" i Say. "Yeah That's Fine. Dont Have Too Much Fun i Still Want you To be Me Mine All Tonight When you Get Home.." He Says With a Evil Funny Face. "Alright Lou.. I'll Be Home Like At 11:30 Or So.." i Said. He Nodded Then i Heard The Girls At the Driveway Honking There Horn. i Waved To Them And Louis Stopped Me Before Heading Out The Door. " I Love You Mackenzie.." He Says Kissing My Lips. " i Love You Too Louis." i Say Kissing Him Back . As Before i Went Out The Door i Stopped And Turned To Louis. "Oh.. How About You Go Have Fun The Boys Tonight?" i Suggeted. "Ok.. Maybe I Will." He Says Smiling And Kissing Me Goodbye And We Headed Off With Louis Closing The Door. We Drove Out Of Doncaster and Headed Towards London Where We Could Start The Fun. We All Agreed On Going To a Nice Chinese Place With a Great View Of London. It Was Fantasic.. But i Wished Louis Was Here So We Could Spend This Moment Together Then i Relized This Moment Right Here Is The Last Chance i Could Actually Spend Time With These Two Beautiful Best Friends Of Mine. And Thought That Tonight Has To be a Night To Remeber Before I Spend The Rest Of My Life With Louis. We Ate a Plate Full Of Seafood, Salad, And Bunch Of Other Things. Until Some Chef Came Out Of The Kitchen And Looked At Me While He Set The Huge Cake Of Me And Dani, And Perrie On It, ANd The Bottom Of It Says 'Besties For Life!' HE Bowed To All Of Us And We Began Cutting The Cake. Then Danielle Pointed Men With Fitted Abs And No Shirts On To Come Through The Door And Dance With The Music Playing. It Was Actually a Very Fun Night To Remeber! And I'll Never Forget It!

Louis P.O.V-- After Mackenzie Had Left With Danielle And Perrie, i Decided To Head Out With The Lads Tonight And Go To a Club Or Somthing For a Boys Night Out! i Put On A Classic T- Shirt And Jeans/ Skinny Jeans And Headed Out The Door Driving Towards Harry's Flat.

*Harry's Flat*

I Made It And i Swung The Door Opened And Landed On The Sofa Where The Boys Are Looking At Me With Confusion, "Louis.. You Need Somthing?" Said Liam. "Yeah. i'm Bored and Mackenzie's Out With The Girls and i Was Planning On Having Some Boy Time With My Four Best Mates Before The Rehersals For The Wedding.  Niall Jumped Out Of His Chair and Screamed "Yes!!" Harry Smiled With a Grin With Agreement and So Did Zayn. Liam Just Looked At All Of Us With Crazy Lookes. "Come On Liam It's Gonna Be Fun!" Says Niall. He Looked At the Ground And Looked Back At Me. "Yeah Sure Why Not.." He Said. We All Cheered And Raced Each Other To The Van And Drove To The Nearest Club In London, Out Of Doncaster.

We Entered The Club And Niall And Harry Began Dancing And Drinking While Me And Liam Hanged Back Trying Not to Get Near Any Girls Or Drink Too Much. We Just Sat At the Booth Talking Until Some Girl Came Up To Us And Sat Right Next to Me Feeing My Right Arm. "Wow... Your Soo Strong.." She Says. i Think She Had Too Much To Drink And Been Partying A lot.I Grabed Her Hand and Arms Off Me And Walked OutSide So i Could Call Mackenzie Wondering What's She's Doing

Mackenzie: Yes Louis?

Me: Hey Babe, What Are you Up To?

Mackenzie: Dancing With The Girls And a Few Guys Why?

Louis: Guys? Dancing? I Think-

Mackenzie: Babe, It's Fine I'm Not Doing Anything Wrong. i Mean I'm Resting Right Now I'm About To Leave It's Getting Pretty Late.

I Check My Watch And It's Almost 11:30.

Me: Oh Yeah, Uhmm I'll Catch You Later Then Huh?

Mackenzie: Yeah. See You In A Minute, Love You (:

Me: Ok, Love you Too.

i Hunged Up My Phone And Sighed In Relif, Thank Goodness She Wasnt Partying Too Hard And Somthing Would Have Came Down, i Knew Her Too Well That She Wouldnt Do This To me, and I Wouldnt Do That To her.

*Later That Night*

Mackenzie's P.O.V-- I Walked Into Me and Lou's Flat. and Noticed Louis Sitting On The Sofa Asleep. Aww How Adorable He Is For Waiting On Me. "Babe.. Come On .. Lets Go To Bed.." i Say To Him. "Alright." He Said Getting Up And Hugging Me Like a Teddy Bear. "Louis.. Your Hurting me.. " i Tell Him While He's Choking Me. "Oh Sorry Baby." He Says Kissing My Forehead. We Made It to The Bed and i Layed Him Down On The Soft Comfutable Bed And i Changed Into My Sleeping Clothes Then Suddnely i Walked Back Into The Bedroom With Louis Naked Only With Boxers. He Turned To Me And Smiled "It's Not Like You Havent Seen This Before.." He Says Joking. i Laughed And Climed Into The Bed And Layed Next to Louis Chest. "Are you Cold Hun?" Louis Asked Me. " Yeah." i Say Closing My Eyes Slowly. i Felt Him Put His Arms Around Me Keeping Me Warm. "Better?' Louis Asked. i Nodded And We Feel Into Deep Sleeping Knowing That We Will Cuddle And Kiss All Night Long For the Rest Of Our Lifes.

A/N: Sorry If i Wasnt Updating Latley I Was Very Busy. Any Questions Would You Like To Ask? Comment Below And i Will Answer Them. Thanks Loads Of Love - Kenzie Tommo xx(:


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