When i Wish Upon a Star Sequal

This Is a Sequal Of My First Fanfiction , When i Wish Upon a Star.
After a Terriable Tragedy Happend To Louis And Now Mackenzie Is Just Now Starting To Get Her Memory Back.. What Will Later Find Out Is How This Will All Summon Up. What Will Happen? Read It To Find Out..


5. Meeting The Tomlinson Family

A/N: Sorry If The Last Chapeter Was Short It Will make Sence Better By Doing This. Thank you For Reading (: - Kenzie Tommo (: xx. Listening To i Lego House By Ed Sheeran On Padora. Hoping It Would Play One Direction! Even Though i Also Love Ed Sheeran Too.

Mackenzie's P.O.V-- Me And Louis Were Heading To The Tomlinson HouseHold And i Was Getting a Little Nervous. i Mena i Have Meet Louis Family, But Havent Seen Them In Like Forever! They Were Closes Family i Had Since i Moved Out Of My Parents House. I Was Shacking Nerovusly And i Think Louis Noticed, "Hey Love, It's Alright. You'll Be Fine. They Love you!." He Said Trying To Make Me Feel Better Which Worked, I Mean Louis Always Makes Me Feel Happy No Matter What. That's Why I Love Him! We Finally Made It To The Tomlinson Household. i Was Shacking Again. Louis Grabed My Hand And Lead Me To The Door. The Door Swung Open It Was Johanna Which i Call Her Jay. " Louis!" She Yelled Happly. She Hugged Lou Then Looked At Me. "Well Isnt Mackenzie The Beautiful Young Lady." She Says Also Hugging Me. "Hi Jay Nice To See You Again." i Say Smiling. "Come On You Two, Come In Welcome Home!" She Says. i Always Loved Jay, She Was Very Happy And Really Loveable. She Really Felt Like a Mum To Me, Even Though My Mum Loved Me Too. But Always Cared For My Little Sister Or My Brothers. But Bearly Noiced I Exist. Me And Louis Sat On Te Love Seat While Jay Sat On The Other." Where's The Girls?" Asked Louis. "There At School Still, They'll Be Here Any Minute Though." Jay Says We Stood There In Akward Silence Till Jay Spoke. "So Why Did You Come Here You Two?" She Asked. Me And Louis Looked At Each Other Then Back At Jay. "Well.. Mum In Two Days Is Mackenzie's Birthday and Last Night i Suprised Her By Proposing To her, And She Said Yes,," Louis Said. "Wait Lou Your Telling Me That You Want to Marry Mackenzie?" She Asked Again. Louis Nodded And Smiled At Me. Jay Sighed "Mum If You Diasagree On This Engament I'll Do It Either With Or WithOut Your Help., I Mean i Can Do It Myslef."Louis Said Grabing a Hold Of My Hand. "Louis i Do Support Your Engament And I'm Happy For You. But Are you Sire you Want to Do This?" Jay Asked Him. Lou Turned To Me And Smiled And Kissed Me On Lips And Said " i Do Mum i Do Want To Go through This, i Will Do Anything."Louis Said, And  I Smiled And Pecked On His Lips. " Alright Louis What Ever To Make My Baby Happy!" Jay Says Pinching His Cheeck. "Mum!!" Louis Yelled And Pointed To Me. "Oh I'm Sorry.." She Says To me. "It's Alright My Mum Does That To Me Too." i Say. "Oh Mackenzie Love, Is Your Parents Coming To The Wedding?" Jay Asked Me. " I Dont Know.. i Mean There Probley On Vacation or Somthing." i Say. "Dont You have Sibilings?' She Also Asked, i Nodded. "Oh Well You Can Bring Them to The Wedding If You Want.." She Said. " Yeah Sure.. I'll See What i Can Do." i Say Smiling. A Few Minutes Later the Girls Were Home. They All Ran To Louis And Gave Him Big Hugs. Charlotte, (Lottie) , Felicite (Fizzy) And The Two Adorble Twins Phoebe And Daisy.And Georgia Which She's From Louis Biological Dad's Side. They All Loved Me As Much i Was There Older Sister. i Mean They Are As Much Adorable As Louis. We Let The Girls Sit Down So Louis Can Tell Them, i Sat Next to Him Holding His Hand Tightly. "Girls.. We Have News To Tell You.." Louis Said. " You Two Getting Married Huh?" Lottie Shouted. Wow That Was Easier than i Thought, "Yes...Actually." Says Louis. They ALl Stood Up And Cheer For Congraulations! And Me And Louis Were Please That He's Family Took This Very Well. We Stayed There Until It Was Getting To Sun Down. Then We Left With Smiles On Both Of Our Faces.

A/N: Hope You Loved It!!!Thank You For Reading Everyone!! (: - Kenzie Tommo (: xx.



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