When i Wish Upon a Star Sequal

This Is a Sequal Of My First Fanfiction , When i Wish Upon a Star.
After a Terriable Tragedy Happend To Louis And Now Mackenzie Is Just Now Starting To Get Her Memory Back.. What Will Later Find Out Is How This Will All Summon Up. What Will Happen? Read It To Find Out..


10. Leaving Day ):

*2 Days Later*

Louis P.O.V-- I Was Very Upset And Wished That i Had Extra Time With The One's I Cared For the Most, but If I Am Going To Be Able To Keep Food On The Tabe And Other Things i Have To Do My Job. "Pleasee.. Daddy Dont Go..." Wined Tommy Pulling On My Pants Leg. i Crouched To Tommy's Height And Kissed Him Goodbye. "Tommy, Daddys Has To Go, It's For His Job. " i Say. He Lookd At e Dissapointed. And i Sighed And Gave Up On What To Say. "Look Tommy, I Want You To Do Me A Favor Alright. " He Looked Back Up At Me Smiling Lightley. "I Want You To Take Good Care Of Mummy When I'm Gone Alright." i Say Patting His Head. He Smiled Bigger And Did a Suloute. "Will Do Caption." He Says Hugging Me Tightley. i Released And Stood Up To Mackenzie, With Her Arms Crossed And Sobbing a Little. "Hey, Hey, Babe. It's Alright, i Wont Be Gone For Long. It's Only 8 Mounths." i Say Hugging Her And Pecking Her On The Lips. "I-I Know But ... Tommy's Birthday Is Coming Up He's Almost Turning 2 Years Old Lou, And i Dont Want Tommy Noticing That His Father Isnt There For His Big Day." She Says Hiding Her Tears. "Babe, I Will Be There I Promise. I Can Do Whatever It Takes Just To Be Here On My Son's Big Day." i Say Hugging Her Once More And Kissing Her Passinately. "I- I Love You Louis.." She Says Releasing From My Kiss. " I Love you Too Macknezie." i Say Kissing Her Again Before Releasing Her And Heading Out The Door To My Car. i Walked Out The Door, Put My Luggage Into The Car And And Stood There Looking At The Doorway There Stood My Beautiful Wife And My Little Tommy Tommo Tomlinson Waving Me GoodBye. i Waved Back And Blow Both Of Them Kisses And The i Heard Yelling From There Direction, It Was Mackenzie Running Towards Me Crying Her Eyes Out Hugging Me Tightley. "Oh.. Louis Please Dont Go.." She Says Sobbing On My Shoulder. "I Have To Babe, Look I'll Tell You What Before My Flight Leaves I'll Call You And Skype You Alright. " i Says Kissing Her Forehead. She Nodded. "Alright Babe I Have To Go." i Say Hugging Her Once More and Soluting Back To Tommy And Spoke "Tommy Take Care Of Mummy Alrighty Soldier." i Say Like A General Accent. Aye Aye Caption." He Says Waving With Solute. I Started The Engine And Headed Off To The Airport To Meet With The Lads. And i Knew i Had To Find a Way To Go To Tommy's Big Day In The Next 4 Days.

*Later On*

Mackenzie's P.O.V-- I Sat On The Sofa With Tommy Watching The News Of Doncaster. Nothing Important Was On So i Switched The Telly To a Kids Show For Somthing Tommy Could Enjoy, Which Was Power Rangers. He Always Loved The Red One Just Like Louis Did When He Told Me On Our First Date. I Remebered All The Crazy Adventures We Had As a Couple And As Best Of Friends. I Made Me Sob So Much Until Tommy Came Over To me And Hugged Me Tightly Like Lou Would Do When I'm Down.

*That Night*

Tommy Was Already Tucked In Bed And i Was Alone On Me And Louis Bed Waiting For His Message On To Skype, i Was Getting Pretty Worried So i Text Him Myslef.

To Louis,

I'm Worried About You Louis, You Havent Sent Me Any Messages Today Like You Promised. Is Everything Alright?

I Sat There In Silence Until My Phone Vibrated With a Text Message From Louis 'Thank The Lord!' i Yelled In My Head.

From Louis,

I'm Fine Babe, No Worrys, I'm Sorry I Havent Text You Back The Flight Attendent Was Being Mean And Telling Us Putting Up Our Electronics. Anyways We Can Skype Now! Love You Xoxo.

I Smiled And Quickly Opened My Computer And Logged Into Skype And The Message From Louis Asking Me To Skype Him, I Accepted And Watched Him Sitting Next to Harry, Who Is Asleep And i Saw Louis Beautiful Face Appear On The Screen. "Louis!" i Yelled. "Mackenzie!" He Screamed And i Noticed That Woke People Up So We Laughed Quitely. "What Are you Doing Babe? Where's Tommy Tommo?" He Asked Siliy I Chuckled A Little And Spoke Again "Little Tommo Is In Bed Asleep. And I'm Laying On The Comfutable Bed Of Ours Taking To You." I Say Smiling At Him The Whole Time. "Seems Fun." He Says Smiling And Winking. I Blushed. " Look I Talked To Managment About Tommy's Big Day And They Couldnt Let Me Go To It.." He Says Looking Away The Camera. My Smile Faded And Sighed "How Am I Going To Explain This To Tommy? It Will Upset His Little Heart That His Own Father Wont Be At His 2nd Birthday Like He Promised. " i Say Trying Not To Yell So Tommy Wouldnt Here. "Mackenzie I Tried My Best to Get Managment to Let Me Go, But They Said My Job Is More Important. " He Said Angerly. "Did You Say Anything About It?!" i Yelled In Concern. He Nodded. "They Still Wouldnt Let Me Go, I'm Sorry I Let you And Tommy Down It's All My Fault. " He Says Trailing Trying To Hold Back Tears. "No Louis It's Not Your Fault It's Managenmet's Fault!" i Yelled. And Sighed "Great! How Am I Going to Explain This To Tommy?" Louis Sighed "Let Me Tell Him.." He Said. "When? How?" i Asked. " Later On. I Have to Go Baby. Be Careful Both Of You, I'll Contact you Later About It. Love you " He Says Blowing a Kiss To Me. I Smiled A Little The He Logged Off And So Did I. I Layed In Bed Thinking About How Louis Is Going to Expain That He Can Make It to His Own Son's Birthday. I'm Really Worried..  i Wonder how Tommy Is Going To React To This.. Hopfully He Can Not Make A Big Deal About It... Thinking .... Thinking ... And More Thinking...

A/N: How's Lou Going to Explain To His Son That He Cant Make It To His Big Day? Thanks For Reading! Loads Of Love - Kenzie Tommo xx. (:

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