When i Wish Upon a Star Sequal

This Is a Sequal Of My First Fanfiction , When i Wish Upon a Star.
After a Terriable Tragedy Happend To Louis And Now Mackenzie Is Just Now Starting To Get Her Memory Back.. What Will Later Find Out Is How This Will All Summon Up. What Will Happen? Read It To Find Out..


13. In The Future.. Part 2.

Louis P.O.V-- It Was The Day Of Tommy's Wedding Day And i Was Standing In The Dressing room With My Boy, Helping HIm With Is Finest Tuxedo. " Dad.." Tommy Spoke. I Faced Him With a Smile. "Yes Son?" i Said. "I'm .... Uhmm... Nevervous... About .. T-The Wedding.. What If Somthing Happenda An-" He Says Until i Cut Him Off. "Tommy, Chill.. It's Alright.. Your Getting Married To A Fine And Beautiful Young Girl And Everything Will Turn Out Perfect.. I Promise." i Said. He Looked Back Me From The Mirror He Was Standing In Fornt Of. "Are You Sure?" He Asked. "Yeah It's Going To Pefect Like You Planed." i Say. I Was Proud Of My Little Tommy Tommo. He Was Growing Up To Fast I Mean Me And Mackenzie Are Only In Our Late 30's And Tommy Is Still In Collage Studying Law, And Performing Arts, I Remeber One Time He Singed To Us Only Me And Macknzie. Nobody Else Because He Was Quite Nevrous On What People Was Going To Say About Him. He Was a Very Good And Talented Singer Like His Father.

Tommy And I Were Getting Perpared For the Service To Start And While That's Been Said We Heard a Knock At The Door. It Was Mackenzie And The Boys. "Hey Tommy!" They All Yelled At Once. "Uncle Liam, Uncle Niall , Uncle Harry , Uncle Zayn!" Tommy Yelled Back. Mackenzie Entered The Room Without Saying a Word And Just Looked At Tommy.Tommy Turned To Her And Asked. "How Do I Look Mum?" He Spoke Gentaly. "Like A ... Gentelmen... Like Your Father." She LookedAt Me And i Pecked Her On Lips Softly And Lead Everyone Out For The Service.

Tommy's P.O.V-- I Was Very Nervous About The Service And i Was Standing In The Fornt Of The Chruch Waiting For My Bride, Jessica To Come. I Stood There Remebering The First Time We Meet.


I Was Walking Towards The Collage Of Perfoming Arts Then i Accidently Bumped Into a Beautiful Young Lady, She Was About My Age, 21. She Had Long Light Brown Hair And Brown Eyes. I Helped Her Pick Up Her Things That Belonged To Her That She Dropped And I Gave It to Her. "Sorry About That Love." i Spoke. She Smiled  "It's Alright, Say Are You Tommy.. Tommy Tomlinson? Louis Tomlinson And Mackenzie Tomlinson's Son?" She Asked. I Nodded "You Guessed Correctly." i Say With Hesitation. "Wait.. Your In My Perfoming Arts Class Huh?" She Asked Me. "Yes.." i Say Quitley. "Great!" She Says Jumping Up And Down. She Was a Fun And Very Adventures Girl I've Ever Met! Me And Her Walked To The Perfoming Arts Class Everyday Since Then Until One Day She Decideds That We Could Go Out to Starbucks Later and Hang Out. Which Was Perfectly Fine. I Nothing Better To Do. We Sat There Talking About Nocence, And Differnt Things And Our Future. Then We Decided It Was a Great Idea To Go Out, And Be a Couple. Which Went Out Pretty Well. I Meet Her Parents Later On And She Meet Mine. It All Went Swell Then Later On I Asked Her To Marry Me. She Was Very Suprised And Gladly Said Yes Then We Had a Load Of Fun Planning The Wedding And Such And Then Here We Are. The Time Where There's Not Turning Back. I Loved Her And That's What Counts, And I Knew I Wanted To Let Her Be In My Life Forever..

*End Of Flashback*

I Heard The Piano Playing Which Means The Bride Is Heading My Way. i Looked Over to The Stands Where My Parents We Proudly Smiling And My Mum Was Tearing Up With Joy.. And She Knew This Day Would Come. Then I Saw.. A Beautiful Young Lady, In A Long White Floweral Dress and Her Long Brown Hair Pinned Up. I Grabed Her Hand And Put The Part Of Her Hair Behind Her Ear And Smiled. Her Smile Was Somthing To Die For... I've Knew This Was a Good Idea.

Mackenzie's P.O.V-- I Saw Tommy Up There With Jessica s Reminded Me Of Me And Louis The Day We Had Our Wedding Then The Night After We Decided To Have a Child Which Turned Out We Are Watching Him Getting Married With The Girl Of His Dreams.. I Was Tearing Up So Quckly I Trie Holding It. Louis Noticed And Held Me Close And Tightly Grabbing My Hand.  After the Service Was Time For Them To Party And The Friends Making The Speech Of The Couple. Ad The Cake.. Yumm The Cake Was Fantastic But By The Time Jessica And Tommy Was Ready To Head To There Honeymoon We Said Out Goodbyes Then Tommy Quickly Asked. "Are you Sure.. You Two Are going to Be Good Without Me?" He Asked. We Shook Our Heads And He Kissed Us Goodbye And Left.

*a Couple Years Pass.*

Mackenzie's P.O.V-- It Was Louis Birthday And The Day Before Christmas. We Decided To Invite Tommy And Jessica And There Children To Come Spend The Holiday's With Us And The Boys As Well. "Thank you For Having Us Mr. And Mrs. Tomlinson." Jessica Spoke Proudly. "Oh Sweetheart Dont Call Us Mr.And Mrs. Call Us Louis And Mackenzie.. Were Family Here.." Louis Said. "Alrighty Then Louis And Mackenzie Thank You For Having Us This Holiday." Jessica Spoke Again. We Gladly Smiled And It Was Time For Louis To Open Tommy's And My Gifts. "To Dad, From Tommy Tommo." He Says Smiling At the Card. He Opened The Gift With Shock. "Oh My Son.. How-" Lou Spoke Until Tommy Cut Him Off "I Knew You Would Like It Dad.." He Says Hugging Louis. He Held Up Tickets To His Favorite Football Teams Game And In Amreican Lauguage It's Called Soccer. Louis Hugged Him Again And Opended My Gift Before He Finish Opening Mine i Spoke "Louis.. I Wouldnt Think You Would Like This Gift." Is Say With a Light Smile. "Oh Of Corse I Will Babe. I Love Every Gift You Give Me.. Icluding That One.." He Says Pointing To Tommy. I Blushed Lightly ANd Let Him Finish. He's Mouth Drop. "Babe.. I Cant Belive It.." He Says Quite Shocked. "I Knew You Wouldnt Like It..." I Say Then He Kisses Me Passinately. "Mackenzie I Love It!" He Says Holding Up a Scrapbook Of Us Since We Were Best Of Friends The Through Out Till This Present Day. "There Is Still More Blank Pages So We Could Fill In With Pictures." i Say. He Turns To Me "That Means Our Lifes Still Has An Adventure Then.." He Says Kissing Me Passinately Again With A Background Of Aww's And Our Grand Children Saying "Gross!" And "Eww! Get a Room!" Me And Louis Looked At Each Other.. And Knew That This Adventure Wasnt Over...And Till Then We Enjoyed The Whole Time As A Family And Spending Christmas As One Happy Family..

Tommy's P.O.V--

Later On Through Years Mum And Dad Spend A Load Of Time Takeing Pictures Of Memorys That They Couldnt Forget then Mum Was Diganosed With Cancer, Then Later On I Died And Dad Later then Followed. I Couldnt Forget The Time They Told Us The Story Of How There Love Full Of Adventure, So I Promised To both Of Them I Could Share That Story To My Children Then Through On And On Generation. I Could Never Get Enough Of There Crazy And Exiting Love they Shared. And I Knew That Somtimes Fairy Tales Come True.....

A/N: That's The End Of When You Wish Upon a Star Serious And So Now I Can Start A New Fresh One And So Let Me Know What Your Name Is And you Faviorite Band Memeber To Write With. Thanks For Reading Loads Of Love - Kenzie Tommo (: xx

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