When i Wish Upon a Star Sequal

This Is a Sequal Of My First Fanfiction , When i Wish Upon a Star.
After a Terriable Tragedy Happend To Louis And Now Mackenzie Is Just Now Starting To Get Her Memory Back.. What Will Later Find Out Is How This Will All Summon Up. What Will Happen? Read It To Find Out..


8. HoneyMoon..Phase (:

Louis P.O.V-- Me And Mackenzie Were Heading To The Airport So We Could Spend Our Honeymoon In Paris Together For a Couple Of Days. Se Was About Tired Of Standing And Waiting For Our Flight Then Luckly They Called Our Flight, We Aboarded The Airplace And Took Our First Class Seats And As Soon The Plane Lifted Off, Mackenzie Was Asleep On My Shoulder. I Wasnt Very Tired So i Just Plugged In My EarPhones And Listened To The Fray Album And Holding Mackenzie's Hand Which The Wedding Ring I Gave Her Not Too Long Ago. And Just Stared In the Distance and Smiled And Feel Deep Alseep An Hour Later.

*After The Plane Landed*

i Was Awoken By a Flight Attendent Who Was Getting Me And Mackenzie Out Of The Plane So We Dont Get Left Behind. We Grabed Our Things And Rushed Out Before the Door Closed. We Called A Taxi And Help Me Put Our Luggage In The Trunk Of The Car and Heade Toward Out Hotel That My Mum Had Resirved For Us. After the 10 Minute Ride I Paid Him Politely And We Both Went Into The Lobby Of The Five Star Hotel And Checked In. Mackenzie Still Looked A Little Bit Tired And i Didnt Want her To End Up Sleeping On The Floor Tonight. The Lady Handed Us Our Suite Bedroom Key And Headed Up To The Top Floor Of The Hotel. We Finally Made It Through Out 25 Floors! Mackenzie Was Worn Out So i Carrid Her Bridel Style And Layed Her On The Bed Lightly And Let Her Sleep. i Checked The Clock And It Was 1:30 In The Mourning Here. I Might As Well Call The Lads And See What There Up Too. And Besides They Should Be Awake Still Because Were In a Differnt Time Zone. After Three Rings I Heard Someone Pick Up. It Was Harry. "Ello?" He Said In a Deep Tone. "Hey Mate It's Me Louis." i Say Quietly. "Oh hey Lou! We've Tried Calling You But You Never Called Back.." He Says. "Oh Sorry. Me And Mackenzie Were Asleep The Whole Time ON The Plane Ride." i Sy To Him "Oh.. So What Are two Planing On Doing?" He Asked With an Evil Tone. "I Dont Know. We'll Think Of Somthing To Do, I'll Call you back Tommarrow It's Getting Late Where We Are So Bye Mate." I Say "Alright, You Two Be Careful Dont Get Into Trouble Understand?' He Says. i Laughed "We'll Try Not Too." i Say Hanging Up The Phone. i Decided I Would Wait Until Mackenzie Gets Up We Can Go Anywhere She Wants. It's All Her And Nobody Else Just Us.

Mackenzie's P.O.V-- i Woke Up On a Wonderful, Comfutable Bed In a Suite Of a Hotel. i Turned Over To Louis, Who Is Alseep And Kept The Telly On. "Louis.. " i Say Quietly. He Opended His Eyes A Little, "Yeah?.." He Asked Quietly. "What Are We Doing, I Thought We Were Shopping and Siteseeing Today?" i Say Getting Out Of Bed. "Whatever You Want My Dear." He Says Getting Up And Winking At Me. i Smiled And Blushed. i Walked Around The Beautiful Suite. "Wow.. It's Beautiful Louis.." i Say In His Direction. "You Shoud Thank My Mum For Resirving It." He Says Smiling. i Wispered To Myslef. "Thank You Muma Jay." Louis Looked At Me And Said " Well What Are We Waiting For Mrs. Tomlinson. Lets Go And Find Somthing Around Here That We Will Love!" He Says Quite Jolly. i Laughed At His Comment And Went to Go Get Dressed. And Yet Again i Saw Louis I His Boxers, And He Smiled And Laughed. "Baby, Were Married, Were Suppose To See Each Other Naked Or Half Naked For That Matter.." He Says. i Pinched His Cheeck And Let Him Finish Getting Dressed So We Could Go.

*Out Of The Hotel*

Me And Louis Already Explored The Empire State Building Which I Thought Was Amazing! Even though I Havent Seen It Before Till Now. We Decided To Walk Around Through Malls And Shopping Centers To Find Somthing That We Both Could Like. Along The Way Loads Of Girls Were Coming Up To Louis, Asking Him For Autographs And Pictures Which i Was Totally Fine With And Then This 8 year Old Child Came Up To Us Both. "Ello There Little Girl.." Says Louis Waving To Her. She Smiled And Told Me To Come Closer To her Face So She Could Wisper to Me In My Ear, "I Think You To Are a Great Couple! You Two Are Just ...... uhmm Perfect!" She Says Smiling Once More. i Smiled And Wispered Back, "Were Actually Married Now.." i Say. She Lookes At Me With a Huge Grin And Smile Showing Her Little Dimples. "That's Great! " She Yells Jusmping Around For a Weird Reason. She Asked For Pictures With Both Of Us And Louis Looked At Me With Concern, So i Told Him What Happend Then He Gentally Kissed Me On The Lips. We Ran Into a Jewlary Store And Somthing About Me, I'm a Huge Jewlary Fan! Love Jewlary. i Pointed Out a Shiny Dimand Ring That Lookes Almost Simular To Mine. i Fancyed It For a Couple Of Minutes Then i Dragged Lou To a Shopping Center Held Clothing And Hats And Other Things. We Were Having a Very Fun Time Dressing Out In Differnt Clothing And Weird Hats That Made Me Look Stuiped. Louis Found a Carrot Hat Which Was Totally Rediculouis. "Hey Kenzie, Look, a Carrot!" He Yelled To Me Causing Me To Laugh Very  Hard. Louis Paid For The Hat Which We Didnt Need To Then He Got Somthing Else Which i Didnt Know What It Was. And He Didnt Tell me Anything.

*That Night*

Louis Was Up To Somthing.. i Needed To Know Until He Came Out Of The Bathroom With a Cute Short Top Cut Low Dress, Color .. Red .. My Faviorite Color! "Louis.. It's -" i Say Before Louis Grbaed My Face a Kissed Me, It Started Off Gentaly Until It Turned Into A Passinate Kiss. He Started To Take Off His Shirt Which Showed His Hard Core Abs. Then He Stared At Me. I Stared Back At Him With Confusion Showed On My Face. "Well, You Told Me We Wernt Going To Do It Until We Are Married, Now Look Here.." He Says Holding Up My Left Hand Showing My Wedding Ring Louis Gave Me. "Its A Wedding Ring.." He Continued Laughing. "Ok Carrot Boy.. i Guess Since Now Were Married. i Guess We Can Do it.." i Say Smiling Back at Him. Before i Took Of My Clothes He Stopped Me. "Wait, .." He Says. "What Lou?" i Say With Concern. "i Want To Have a Child.." He Says Pleading. i Sighed "Please...Please... With a Cherry On Top?" He Says. i Laughed At His Weired Comment.."Ok Babe, Sure.. Lets Have a Kid." i Say Smiling And He Began Kissing My Neck.. Then After That.. It All Was a Fantastic Night Ever, I Spent With Louis.


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