Poems: what makes us think?

Every now and again I get the urge to write poetry, this book is for when I get those moments. I often write poems that reflect times and happenings. Some may be nonsense, others make you think. If you take the time to read, you can give tips and ideas for more poems.

Nymphadora Tonks xx


6. The raven

He hurried down the dusty track,

The raven circling above his head,

It's piercing cry echoing through the trees,

Loud enough to wake the dead


It perched on a rock and looked there,

In it's dark eyes a glimmer,

He stopped a moment to gaze upon it,

And it sent down his spine a shiver


With another cry it flew off again,

Spiralling through the sky,

His pace (already quick) got quicker,

Under the bird's watchful eye


There was a corpse by the roadside,

And the raven gave a sly glare,

Because when he stopped to take a look,

It was himself lying there.

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