Poems: what makes us think?

Every now and again I get the urge to write poetry, this book is for when I get those moments. I often write poems that reflect times and happenings. Some may be nonsense, others make you think. If you take the time to read, you can give tips and ideas for more poems.

Nymphadora Tonks xx


5. Poor Ophelia

This is a poem I wrote on Ophelia, a character from Shakespeare's 'Hamlet'.

She sat, In her own bubble of thought,

Her bouquet of make-believe daises and reads clutched in her grasp.

The flowing cotton of her dress cascading over the wooden slats of the old bridge.

Lost in thought she wanders in her weary state, flat-footed in her midst.

The madness seizing her by the throat, choking the every likeness out of her former state.


She was once a beautiful creature, her hair falling down her back and her expression one of interest in the world.

Now she sits, muttering snatches of old rhymes,

no longer herself but a mumbling madwoman.


People whisper,

She doesn't mind.

after all, she is only one world away from where she wants to be...

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