Over Again ( Harry Styles fanfict )

Cher is 22 years old. She get divorced because her husband was violent to her and her 3 years old daughter. But she met someone who makes her life and her daughter's life better.


13. Taylor??

Harry: The important thing is that I am in the present and I don't care about the past.

Alan: Okay.

The show ends.


Harry P.O.V.

Next day....

I woke up in the morning and I went to my dressing room to pack my things for take me home tour. Cher and Marie will come with me and the boys. It will be amazing. Is the first time when Cher is coming with me. I can't stay without Marie and Cher even 2 days. 

 - Haz did you pack  your blue suits? Cher said.

  - Sure, darling. I said.

  - How about the converse? Cher asked again.

  - Yes.

   -How about the tops? Cher asked again.

   - Yes, madam. I shout like a weirdo.

She start laughing.I went and I hug her and I kissed her. Marie came with her suit cases. She was funny she has some funny glasses on her eyes. We start to laugh.

 - I'm ready! Marie shout.

 -Okay, love come to uncle Naill! Naill apears.

 -Let's play something! Naill said.

 - What? Marie said.

 - This game! Naill said.

Naill starts to tickle me and Cher and they ran. We ran after them and we played the game for like an hour.





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